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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Hume Photos............

Being the little sister rocks!!!! :)This mama and her baby ducks loved my kids. I think it might have been the lucky charms they were sneaking out of the dining hall after every meal.

Being 8 has it's perks up at Hume Lake. When you are 8 you get to do the ropes course. Now mind you Morgan first saw this ropes course when she was 3 and has been bugging us to sign her up ever since. This year was the year though and she was so excited she couldn't even sleep the night before. I first did this course when I was 18 and I was scared to death; watching my baby do it was even worse.
The funny thing is she started out all smiles and then she started talking to herself giving herself pep talks. I was dying down below. When she got stuck on this part (see below) I almost scaled the trees and saved her. It was hard to listen to her get choked up and be 30+ in the air. She had to trust the instructor's and her own ability to finish. Once you start there is only one way down (OK two but we wont go there) and so you are pretty committed.
When she was done she said,"well I finished but I didn't like it and I learned something mom. I learned that getting your hopes up that high for that long may not be such a good idea cause you could end up hating it!" He,heee!

Also at 8 when the camp kids go across the lake to jump off the rock you get to paddle out on your own surf board. This was more up her alley for sure. :)

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christy p said...

Can you believe I have never been there? Looks amazing...