Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why I Don't Twitter.........

7:00 am- Just woke up. Moving slow. joints swollen from eating half a tub of soy ice cream last night while watching biggest looser.

7:30 am- Almost made it to the bathroom, have to pee really bad.

8:00 am- Fed kids breakfast and broke up two fights over remote control. Dan lost! ;)

8:30 am- started load of laundry, made the beds and took a shower.

8:35 am- Brushed teeth, rubbed some organic deodorant under my pits and slapped on some face lotion that is supposed to make me look "refreshed!"

8:50 am- Yelled at Morgan for yelling at her sister.

8:55 am- started school. explained math for the day to kids.

9:00 am- explained math to kids AGAIN.

9:05 am- answered the question,"BUT WHHHYYYYY DO WE NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF?" for the 12th time. (you probably won't use half of it, duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh...)

9:15 am- Had my breakfast; rice cake with almond butter. Don't be fooled this can be a very satisfying start to your day..................if your FREAKIN' BUGS BUNNY!!!!

9:30 am- Taught Spanish to the girls and answered the question,"WHY DO WE HAVE TO LEARN THIS STUFF?" (because you live in CA dduuuhhhhhhhhhhh........)

10:00 am- Answered emails, read a few blogs and returned text message while girls worked on school work.

10:15 am- explained math for the third time today. :)

You see my dear blogging friends, this is why I don't twitter and half of the free world should not as well cause guess what Ashton? I don't care if your walking your dog or filming a new movie! OK? I know I have issues but me and my therapist are working them out. Be blessed if by nothing else the fact that I DON'T Twitter. ;)


Stacy Y said...

too funny.... that is why I barely write on Facebook what I am doing... cuz my life is mostly the same every.... its fun reading about others lives though... usually more exciting than mine :-)But ya know what, we are doing what we are called to doing... thats a good thing.

The Keilers said...

Uhh what's up Doc? You kill me!

MLasch said...

I LOVE this post! Maybe people like us should Twitter. We might kill the whole thing. I have to go now. I have to update my Facebook that I am reading a blog about Twitter. I'll probably Tweet it too.

Jessica said...

haha, you crack me up. Believe it or not it is kinda fun to read a post like this and see what you're doing :)

I twitter like once very two weeks, lol.

Brigitte said...

I think you should twitter! I would love to follow. I only twitter my much otherwise to keep track of. By the way tell your homeschool buddies that there are some great book give aways going on!

christy p said...

That is hilarious. I don't twitter...but I DO facebook. :)