Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tid Bits..................

Lord, I desire to have a heart so captivated by you that when I miss time alone with you I know that I am the one missing out.
Our view every morning at Hume.
Morgan had almost 11 inches cut off yesterday and donated it to Locks of Love
They straightened it before they cut it and she was in heaven running her fingers through her hair for the first time EVER! ;) That was until she jumped into her friends pool an hour later and all the curls came back. :)

I of course think she looks beautiful either way but my babies curls are so sweet and they are all I know since she sprouted them at 3 years old. :)

On another note, these are from our garden and boy are they G-O-O-D!!!! Love it!!


Jessica said...

What a beautiful view! Morganne's hair looks beautiful :)

jo said...

great hair moie

Brigitte said...

Oh my that was a lot of hair to say good-bye too. She is so pretty watch out mama! Glad the garden is working out.

Rhonda said...

Love what you said about being captivated by God. I echo that prayer.
I couldn't believe seeing Morgan's hair straight. How long did that take? And way to go Morgan. There's no better reason for a haircut!

christy p said...

Wow...what a good girl donating her hair. She is a very selfless young lady. And...she is GORGEOUS. I do love her curls too though.... :)