Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're Back!!!!

We just got back from 8 glorious days up at Hume Lake. Beautiful, restful, sweet and so much more. My mom was the victim I mean babysitter this trip up. She was a huge help in getting the girls all ready for camp each day and then to bed at night so Dan and I could serve at the Romance conference. Thanks mom sorry about the Mountain lion, I'm sure he just wanted to play. (More on that later. :) wooooo..............ooppssss! :)

The girls had so much fun. They went to different camps all week but didn't seem to have a hard time making friends or trying new things. Morgan was a bit more shy this year (the age I think) and Ryanne really flourished on her own letting her personality shine through and winning everyone over as usual. ;)
This was a bitter sweet trip for Dan and myself and a bit emotional to say the least. 9 years ago Dan and I were at the very first romance conference Hume held and have been involved ever since. This is the last year as the people who started it have left the mountain and as we all know everyones vision isn't the same. Things change. People move on. New ministries begin and end. This is a very sweet place for us as we spent many hours praying for other marriages and being prayed over. We have seen healings take place in broken hearts and also God energize those who just needed a boost for the weekend. I will be bringing the romance home with me and continuing to love on other couples so that gets passed on.
The girls in a moment of togetherness. They were sitting just a few feet from this sweet girl;
OK a few explanations for you.
Traffic in CA=sitting on the 5 or 91 freeway for three hours to find you have gone only 3 miles.
Traffic at Hume Lake=sitting at the guard shack stop sign for 3 minutes to let 1,500 high school students walk by on their way to chapel or dinner.
Wild life in CA= A squirel, mouse, lizard or your neighbor fetching his morning paper in his boxer shorts.
Wild Life at Hume Lake= My mom walking around the corner at 10pm and coming face to face with a mountain lion. Poor thing. I dont know what scared my mom worse, being eaten or the fact that everyone at camp knew who she was by her scream! Kidding. :) So not funny. I need to work on my humor. I swear no animals or moms were hurt in this story. I was so bummed there was no photo for my blog. :)


Jessica said...

Looks like a great trip! How nice that you guys could get away together and that your mom could come along to help. Sorry it was your last year :(

Your poor mom!

Stacy Y said...

Loved reading about Hume and hope to hear more... sooo glad you guys are back... we missed ya!

Rhonda said...

LOVED all the pictures.
So glad you had a great time. I didn't doubt you would.

And ditto the comments about your poor mom! I'm not sure how I would've responded to that. She's quite the trooper!

Brigitte said...

Welcome home! Such an amazing trip so glad it was good and that your mother survived that incident -scaryyy! LOVED the picture of the girls sitting on the mountain top! WOW! Enjoy and we must get together soon!!!

Erica Young said...

This is why I wished I lived in California. One day we will move there, just have to convince the hubby :)
So glad you had a great trip and welcome home. It's nice to get away but even better to be home and sleep in your own bed especially. I need to attend one of those romance conferences.

jo said...

sounds like tooooooo much fun!!! guy we only saw a pack of coyotes on our trip