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Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo Update...........

Hope your up for a fun photo update. In no specific order here are some fun things that have taken place over the last few days. Enjoy and Happy Monday!
I came home from lunch with my mom and mother in law today and this is what we found. A stuck kid in a bucket.
Good daddy, way to watch the children. :)
Lillie I think if you went home your mama would give you a real bath. ;)
"Nothing to see here lady, just doing a little gardening."
I think Luke may be in love with my first born. I mean where else can you find a girl who will cover you in mud and think its fun! She pretty much rocks in his world! :)
Ahh, run away hose!!!
"No really people, I think I am stuck. MOM!!!!!"
Here is the a photo of the cast after their circus show Sunday night. They worked so hard all year and had so much fun it really should be illegal.
I know it's hard to see but Morgan is in the blue in the back hanging from her foot and Ryanne is on the front ladder in blue hanging from her wrist. It's hard to get action shots cause they are swinging. I took this during dress rehearsal when the lights were all on.
The girls getting ready for the show. Thanks to the friends and family who came out to support them. They were so proud to have you all there. :)
This is what 5 nights of circus rehearsals look like. I said go to bed and read and apparently they heard,"go to bed and sleep on your books."
Or maybe they heard,"practice balancing paper and books while you sleep." They were so wiped out after Sunday night. :)
Wrapped up this cutie pie gift for a friends first cutie pie who is due in a couple weeks. Got to go the shower and see some friends from the old days. Too fun. Short but still sweet. :)
Had some delicious BBQ with some great company on our patio.
Hello summer!
Started tearing the classroom apart to clear the mess of last year so we can paint the room and make fun new messes for next year. Big 1st and 4Th graders you know!
Morgan getting ready to work out with her swim team the other night. They are loving this weather. Happy 3d year on the YST girly! Good job. :)
Ryanne is digging the little Star Fish swim team. She is off and swimming all by herself this year. Remember a couple years ago when I posted about her bolting out of the pool and out into the parking lot because she didnt want to learn to swim? Good times.....................


Brigitte said...

Ahh life is wonderfully full right now. So good to see. Loved the pictures. My neighbor has a child on the swim team too. She is awesome you should get to know her since you will be together all summer :) We will miss you guys.

Rhonda said...

Love this post!
I wish we were close enough for us to have come to the circus show. I would have LOVED to seen that!!!
It was great to see you. I wish we could have had time to sit and enjoy each other's company a little. Sorry I was running so much and so far behind.
And I wasn't kidding or just being nice when I said you looked amazing! That shirt was incredible and you look GREAT in color!!!

Love you friend!

Beth said...

I love all your updates. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Jessica said...

Good times and cute pictures :)

Brenda said...

Hey! That's Corey! Where's his dress shirt and necktie?

Anonymous said...

I guess you're not considered company anymore when you come over for dinner and you don't get your picture taken!! haha Loved seeing you last night. See you in a couple of days friend. Loved seeing the girls doing their circus tricks.

Love, Ruth

Crystal Keilers said...

Too cute! I love getting all of those windows into your world =). Circus class seems like it would be SO much fun!