Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I Love My Birthday

Normally Tuesdays are just blahhh. You know Tuesdays. It's the day after Monday not close enough to Friday to be exciting so it's just Tuesday. But this week it was my birthday Tuesday.

6:00am- Morgan comes in and makes sure she is the first person to wish me a happy birthday.

6:30am- Dan has to get up with the girls cause its my birthday. :)

6:45am- They deliver breakfast in bed complete with a fresh cut rose from our yard AND presents. Cause it's my birthday after all.

7:15am-Long hot shower, no interruptions with Dan refereeing the girls in the kitchen over breakfast. Cause it's my birthday.

7:30am- Friend from next door comes over and brings me GF, DF chocolate cupcakes, heaven! It IS my birthday.

9:00am-Full body massage at the wellness center. Hellooooo! It IS my birthday. :)

12:30pm-Lunch at PF Changs in Costa Mesa with my hubby, my girls and my dad.

2:00pm-Off to Ikea to spend my birthday money on a new bed I have been wanting AND needing for a LONG time.

4:00pm-Girls arguing, Dan dealing with cause you know what day it is right?

6:00pm-Stopped for dinner at Gourmet Pizza Shoppe to enjoy some GF, DF pizza.

7:30pm- Dan doing book and bed time with the girls while I lay on the couch with my dog. Cause it's my birthday.

Hmm......don't know why everyone is so tired after my birthday I feel totally refreshed this week. It's OK 37 is the new........wait I have no idea but it's good. :)

Thank you for all the phone calls, text messages, emails, thoughtful gifts and kind words. birthdays are just good for the soul!


Angela @ HomegrownMom said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful! I am so glad your family takes such good care of you and appreciates how great you are :-)

The Writer said...

Had no idea...sorry...but what a great day! Happy Belated. :)

littlecbsmom said...

What a great way to celebrate!

Sorry I missed PF Changs this time

I think I will have to make sure Bryan is off work on my next birthday....such a deal!

You just get wiser...that is for sure!

Rhonda said...

So glad it was a good day!
You deserve to be the queen for at least one day a year :)

Kacie Whigham said...

happy late birthday! your cake is in the...well....dang...happy (cakeless) birthday!

Erica Young said...

OMG, can't believe I missed your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a good day. I like to celebrate birthday week but this year I'm turning 30 so it's going to be my birthday month...I love celebrating birthdays!