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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunshine And First Times..........

Soooooo last weekend we were playing in the snow and this weekend we were setting up the slip n' slide for the dog I mean kids. LOL! Raise your hand if you are over the crazy weather changes this year.

I'm telling you if you don't click on this photo to enlarge it you are SOOO missing out on what pure joy is all about. This action shot is priceless. Leave it to my 6 year old and my sixth month old puppy to teach me about enjoying life right?

This goofy dog seriously thought the slide was for her. She was chasing the kids and running all around. She slammed into Luke a few times and the look on his face was like he hit a brick wall. What can I say she loves water AND kids so the combination was almost to much for her.

We initiated a new racer into the family this weekend. Morgan did her first triathlon this morning. She had so much fun. Here she is stretching and lining up for the fun. Oh she looked so cute. Our friends Jade and Candace were there and she ran with Morgan to coach her along. Morgan LOVED it! It was like 70 degrees this morning and beautiful outside.

Here are Jade and Candace. They have just gotten sucked into racing the past few months so it will be fun seeing them at the events. Go team! I know it's a sickness.

Morgan on her bike....................

Here she is getting ready for swim leg. She said this race was to short and easy but we just wanted her to get used to being in an event and see if she liked them before doing larger races. She said she wants to do one a month, it gets in your blood I'm telling you people don't do it! :)

There she goes across the finish line. Oh she looked too cute! I could barely stand it. And she's mine. That cute, cheerful, kind, sweet....oh sorry. LOL!

Her friend Caleb came to help cheer her on. He asked if he could go to the next one with us and do the bike leg. His mother asked me to quit brain washing him. Ha! He's all mine!

Family shot after the race. We then all went to lunch and had a nice day relaxing at home together. Ryanne mentioned she would like to do the next one too. Looks like I better get used to early morning cheering and picture taking.


The Writer said...

AWESOME!!! I want to come cheer next time. Great job Morgan!

Pa Pa said...

You go Morgan!!! We are soooo proud of you... Keep up the good work, stay focused on yer dreams...:-) Love ya bunches!
Pa Pa & Grandma...

Rhonda said...

Woo hoo - Go Morgan!!!
And I just LOVE the dog on the slip & slide. You have to get some video of that too.

littlecbsmom said...

Way to go Morgan...very impressive!