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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Special order.....

Dan and the girls Easter morning.

Gluten free, dairy free coconut cake. Loved it! Want the recipe?
Go to

"Macy I am your father!"
Ryanne messes with Macy on a regular basis but they have this understanding that seems to work out well for the both of them;

After said child messes with said dog she agrees to rub annoyed dogs ears until total contentment has been reached. In exchange said dog has agreed NOT to eat her! :)

Colored Easter eggs AND since Ryanne refused to use the spoon to dip the eggs I included this photo below.....

Two things really; Ryanne has her dyed hands on Morgan who is a total freak about getting messy and the other thing is every single one of Ryanne's fingers was blue, green or yellow. So I did what any good, quick thinking mother would do, I painted her finger nails hot pink the next day to hide the dye. :)

Made this cute little pale of goodies for our friends. Their son is dairy and gluten free so these bunnies are as well. See, nobody has to miss out on eating bunny ears.

I love this picture. This was taken just hours before Ryanne ate it out in the street on her bike and shaved off her thigh skin. I would include a picture but "ick!" Well, she at least looked all cute and girl like for a little while. Did I mention she wanted to sign up for the kids Iron Man in May as well? I can't decide if I am more fearful for her or the other kids around her.

What Easter looks like when everyone leaves. I'm not sure who is more tired; Morgan, the dog or the stuffed bunny. :)


The Writer said...

What a great day!! Loved the outfits on the kiddos. Super cute. :)

Angela @ HomegrownMom said...

Your girls are so beautiful!

Sophie did the same thing with the dye, and then said "I look like I have a nail fungus!"

Rhonda said...

Ryanne's toothless grin is so very cute!

Jessica said...

Cute :) The girls look pretty in their dresses.

And I'm pretty sure that's a horse masquerading as a dog...