Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To The Grind....................

Schools out, schools out, teachers let the monkey's wait that's what I was singing in May.

Schools in, schools let the insanity begin!!! Ya' that's more like.

Ryanne started 2nd grade and Morgan 5th. This is our 4th year home schooling and I love it more each year. Maybe it's because the kids are getting older and more independent or maybe because I am more confident in my ability to teach and not kill the kids in the process. I also like the fact that as they get older the subjects get more interesting for me. I mean let's be honest; none of us remember all the state facts or the history of all the wars. So it's like learning all over again.
When I meet people that tell me they could never home school I just smile and say,"Ya' I suppose it's not for everyone." But in reality in the back of my head I am thinking,"Good luck with that sister. The last time I told God I could not or would not EVER do something he called on me to do it!" Heck, that's how we ended up teaching the girls at home in the first place.
But never fear the girls only suffer slightly through the year. That is after they get done with their super fun PE class on Wednesdays, piano, ballet, art, and the science field trip to Catalina and Disneyland. It's a rough life but heck, someone's gotta live it! :)

"Mom, take my picture!"

Ya' forget that she TOTALLY lives up to her blonde locks and focus on the fact that she is posing in front of a map of CA at least! Ha!

Ya' were getting so much geography done now!

Our class mascot is laying down on the job..............worthless really.

"Hi mom! So ready to rock the 5th grade!"

"OK mom, go away now your bugging me. No really I'm so over it."

"OK maybe just one more."

Something funny Morgan said
Usually it's Ryanne that says funny stuff but Morgan is soooo drama right now so she may not think so but I think it's hilarious!
Me: BURP!! "Yuck that tasted like beans and bananas!"
Morgan: "Oh my gosh, you disgust me! Can I please roll down the car window so I can just jump out?"
He! He! I love messing with her. I'm the mom, that's my job!


Rhonda said...

We started last week. Merritt started middle school this year. And as much as I love spending summer with the kids, everyone like to be back to the grind just a little around here.

The Writer said...

Yes! Love it...I like those days ahead. I mean there is no way I am wishing away screams, crying, and complaining of the 3 and 6 years but at least it is good to know there are fun things at every age! WHOOAA! Love the classroom. :)

Crystal said...

You make me wanna homeschool, really.

And Morgan is awesome.