Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, August 29, 2011

Closet Chaos, Morgan's Recipe And Lake days.....

We were so excited when we bought this house because the master bedroom has this HUGE walk in closet. I mean it really is a small room. You could tell a women designed the house. :) We thought it was going to be so organized and neat and tidy because we had all this room.....ummmm.....confession time. All it did was give us more room to spread our junk around. We decided this past week to take everything out and make donate, trash and keep piles and get it all nice and neat.

This is the before............

Dan said,"Um honey why are we showing people our messy closet again?"
Because honey, this is real life! People live to see others dirty laundry aired! Get it? Your really seeing my dirty laundry, like literally. I know, I won't quit my day job.
Anyways, this is the after. For privacy sake and so my husband doesn't die of embarrassment I only showed my side of the closet. See, I'm obedient. :)

I used a bunch of cute baskets and containers to hold all my ribbon, candles etc. so I could see them and get to them easier. I even used an old fish bowl to store some material ribbon I use on gifts.

If you have an ice cream maker bust it out sister! It's like 100 degrees outside. UGH! If you have one it came with a basic vanilla recipe. We swap out the milk with vanilla almond milk and use a dairy free creamer in place of the regular creamer. Then in the last 10 minutes of the ice cream makers cycle we added gluten free graham crackers, marshmallows and dairy free chocolate chips. Ta Da! Morgan's S mores Ice Cream recipe. It is YUMMY!

Our church had lake day yesterday and it was so great! The water was nice and cool and the air HOT! The kids played and played until they dropped.

The dad's took the kids on the Kayak's. (Dan & Ryanne, Jade & Jase)

Our friends little girl Kali pretty in pink. She was loving us up the entire day. I think about three slobbery toddler kisses in and Dan was giving her the keys to the car. He's smitten!

Two friends got baptized which was so fun to be present for. Really neat! What a fun weekend. Back to the grind which we call school!


Rhonda said...

Woo hoo - that closet looks A-MAZ-ING!!!
Doesn't it feel amazing too?

And we've been using the ice cream maker a lot. Bruce found an amazing recipe for peanut butter ice cream (you know how much he loves peanut butter) and he makes it every time we have company over for dinner. I'm still waiting for him to make the coffee ice cream. I even brought home the Starbucks instant coffee (via) to use.

Jessica said...

yay for getting your closet cleaned out! woo hoo! That feels so good :)

My favorite homemade ice cream is coconut with chocolate shavings :) So yummy! We've been making it all summer.

Christy said...

Ohhh Rhonda I LOVE peanut butter too! I found this most amazing recipe. I too bought the Starbucks via and made ice cream with WILL NOT be disappointed.

That sounds good, I will have to try that one. I am on a mission to make peppermint for the holidays.