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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photo Update. Beware. Major Catch Up

Took the girls and Macy 4 x 4 up to Devils Hole. Oh man Macy LOVED running through the forest and water with the girls.
We stopped at a look out spot to enjoy the view.....

Morgan took this picture, Macy jumped in. :)

Dan talked Morgan into jumping off the rocks with him.....

Dan's a big kid!

This is a goofy shot of her but at least you can see how big she is getting

Macy insisted on riding right up front on the way up and I can only imagine what people thought when they looked through our windshield. "Hey Thelma look! Those people have a horse in their truck!"

Took some pictures of Ryanne for her bday thank you cards that I have yet to send out

We had a little party for her and her close friends and family

Ryanne's friends

We rented a 17' foot water slide for her party and the kids LOVED it!!

This thing was huge. You could see forever when you stood at the top. We had the thing till' 9pm so when all the kids went home Dan & the girls and I went crazy playing on the slide. I woke up with bruises and road rash all over my elbows and legs. Dan was flipping off of it and getting the girls to do all kinds of things they probably shouldn't have. My mom finally went inside because she said she couldn't watch us anymore. LOL! So much for acting our age!!

Dan celebrated his 41st bday last week.

We surprised him and got a room down at the beach for 3 days. Right near the water so we took our bikes and rode everywhere. Even found this little park. I love how both my girls have their tongues hanging out.

We rode our bikes past this ship in the harbor that Dan said he stayed on for camp as a kid. So funny.

Rode up to this look out spot at the ocean center

It was amazing. We spent over an hour just chillin' here

Dan didn't want his picture taken so I told him, look cool and I post it or look like a dork and I post it either way. :) He chose cool!

Went to dinner right on the water on his bday night.

See this guy on the paddle board? His poor little dog was totally just hanging out. I was watching thinking,"shark bait!"

So you come to this beach often? It had to be love because he tried to share his cookies with her.

The girls played and played and played some more and we sat and visited and enjoyed Dan's special day!

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The Writer said...

Loving all the catch up but said because you were right in my back yard! We would have loved to come down to baby beach and see you or paddle board or even just get shaved ice. Nice time for sure! Happy Bday to all!