Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latest Project.....

I have seen this idea in multiple places and have always wanted to try it. The reason I am just now getting to it is because 1. I was nervous about how it would turn out and 2. I wasn't sure where it would get the most use.
Every school year I change up the classroom in some little way to make it fun and new for the girls. Last year I painted it a sky blue, this year a magnetic chalkboard.
First I had Dan draw a perfect rectangle on the wall for me since I am soooo not capable of getting a straight line on a wall. Then I added 3 layers of magnetic paint that I purchased at Lowe's. After 24 hours of drying time I added 2 layers of chalkboard paint also purchased from Lowe's. When it was all dry Dan cut the wood and framed it in for me. The girls LOVE it!!!
I figured they could take their spelling tests on it sometimes when we needed a change of pace.
Total cost of project: $50.00. Well minus the $20 spent on the original magnetic and chalkboard paint in spray paint form. Ya' that was a disaster. If I can give you any advice with this project; don't try to save money and buy the spray on kind. Roll it on. Trust me!! :)

Next year's project? Don't tell Dan but I want to pull the carpet up and put wood floor down with a bright cheerful rug and huge pillows for the girls to lay and read on. Shhhh.......he's still recovering from the announcement that I want to paint the side of the refrigerator with the chalkboard paint so the girls have a huge art display. Whaaaattttt???? ;)

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Crystal said...

(Yes, our little secret...and I'm sure Dan never reads your blog;).

And I love the board. I've debated drilling an oil pan to the wall for Gideon to play with magnets etc on. I like this idea better, much prettier and more contained feeling.