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Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Day Challenge And Poinsettia Madness

I found this 25 day Christmas photo challenge and thought to myself,"Hey why not? It's not like I have anything else going on in the next month." *sigh* Not true but I have never done a photo challenge before and it sounded fun. The first of December is lights. I chose to take a picture of the tree at the front of our property because he is lonely no more. Every year for the last 8 years I have wanted to put something on this tree for Christmas. And every year we pass it up. Not this year, he got snow flakes! :) I am going to try hard and post everyday but don't hold me to it. I tend to get side tracked with........well life. Ha! Here is the photo list:

5. Santa
7. snow
8. tree
10. joy
11. carols
12. vintage
13. festive
14. glitter
15. warmth
16. ornaments
17. wreath
18. giving
19. reindeer
20. memories
21. bells
22. cookies
23. sparkle
24. Christmas Eve
25. unwrapped

And because you haven't had a Ryanne story in a while here ya' go. We all had dentist appointments the other morning but on the way we stopped by Home Depot to pick up a few things. Dentist, Home Depot, see the connection? No not really right? Ha! Anyways, a couple hours later at the dentist I notice Ryannes face by her eye looks bruised. I asked her what she ran into or if maybe something got in her eye. :Nope, mama nothing happened." Later at lunch with Dan's mom I noticed it was spreading and getting pretty red, hot and kinda swelling up. Like she got punched in the face or something. Again, we asked her what happened because with Ryanne something ALWAYS has happened! "NOTHING MOM! I didn't touch anything!" Later that night I get home from taking Morgan to dance and her face is B-A-D! Like to the point I am worried and wanting to take her to urgent care which I NEVER suggest. And now she is complaining it hurts and itches and is burning. I tell Dan it looks like poison oak (yes I managed to have it like three times on my face as a kid) I send her to brush her teeth only to have her return two seconds later with,"Oh you know what it might be? I was playing in the poinsettia's at Home Depot." And there you have it kids; this is your face on poinsettia's. ;) Only my Ryanne!

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Jessica said...

I'm doing a December photo challenge right now too, only on Instagram :) Fun :)

Had no idea Poinsettias could do that! lol. Thanks Ryanne :)