Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, December 3, 2012


Well, day three is supposed to be pictures of gifts. I really wish I had it all together and could post photos of these beautifully wrapped presents all lined up neatly under the tree but alas our days are just short of chaos a the moment. We are gearing up for a BUSY weekend and this week is full of crazy hours of dance practice for the Nutcracker Morgan is in as well as Dan and I getting ready for the annual Married Life dinner at the Mitten building.  Every year I have this crazy way of wrapping my gifts; I have a theme. Yes a theme. I know type A. This year it hasn't come to me yet. Nothing has really moved me in any one direction but I am hoping after this weekend my creative juices start flowing. Ha! So for now here is the photo of the pile of gifts that are accumulating in a corner of my room. 

This is the one and only gift that has gotten any TLC so far. We wanted to get something for Morgan's ballet teacher to give her the night of the Nutcracker and what better way to say Thank You! Than a bag full of Stress Relief bath and body bath oil, lotion, candle and more. :) We figure after all the months of extra practices she is going to need this.  So what's your theme for wrapping your gifts? Please tell me it's not just me. LOL!

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Jessica said...

hahaha, mine are all shoved in a cupboard in the garage. I'm almost finished! yay!

The part I hate however is wrapping, and I am not creative or cute with it. I literally hack on that wrapping paper and try to cover my poor wrapping job with a bow, lol.