Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5......

Today is day 5 of the photo challenge and you guessed it; it's Santa! We don't celebrate Santa in our home with the girls. Never really even thought much of it except we wanted the focus to be on Jesus. We didn't take them to the mall to see Santa, never addressed packages to the girls from him or really said anything one way or another. Then when they were really little someone asked them what they were asking Santa for that Christmas and one little toddler said,"Santa? Oh no I don't believe in Santa. My daddy works to get me presents at Christmas." And that was that. Ha! I only have a couple Santa statues around the house and this is my favorite because he's old and rustic looking.

This Santa I hand painted for Dan the first year we were dating. It has the date 1995 hand painted on the back. He has survived a couple of moves, kids, dogs and I think he still looks pretty good. I hope if your reading this and you still believe in Santa that you know he IS real and you should believe he comes down the chimney and leaves you presents. Heck, otherwise if you don't believe you get underwear right? ;) Oh, Oh wait! That reminds me of a funny story about the girls. Once when someone asked why our girls believe in the tooth fairy but not Santa (I think it was Morgan) said,"because hellooo, like a fat man in a red suit could really fit down the chimney of every kid in the world in one night duh!" But yet a little fairy can carry all that money and fly through the house leaving with your teeth? Hmmmmm....Kids!THEY ARE THE BEST!! 

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