Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year Part 2!

I know, I know you just didn't get enough Christmas and New Year cheer in my last post so a part two was highly necessary. Or it could just be that I am in denial that we start back to school, dance, circus and just plain insanity in less than 48 hours. Sigh......raise your hand if you think we should all just move to a deserted tropical island and be bored and dumb. HA! We did get to do lots of fun things over our break and spend time with people we love. Every year we try to get a photo of all the kid cousins in height order. The youngest member was not having it this year.....I remember when that was my little Ry who didn't want to stand in the she's 5th back in line. Go RY! ;)

Dan's aunt and uncle hosted the cousins party down in Santa Ana this year and it was super fun. Not to mention the vegan chili they made. YUM! It's always good to hang out with everyone and catch up.

For years I have had a dream about writing a book. At first I thought maybe  it would be about infertility and adoption. Then possibly marriage and how God has given me a heavy heart for our marriages to honor him. But more recently I am thinking the title will be" Raising Ryanne." I mean the kid gives me lots of material. For she got the glove stuck in her braces......sigh. Yes Raising Ryanne it will be. ;)

We got some snow last weekend and drove to the hills behind our house to let the girls and dog run. Here Ryanne is saying,"I am sorry Mr. Snowman but the time has come that I must rip your head off and throw it at those unsuspecting boys across the field. You've been a good snowman and I promise it's nothing personal."

Ans so it was that the snowman lost his life thanks to the 3ft. dynamo.
Love black and white!

Could someone explain to me again how this sweet little fat baby that used to hang on my every word is rounding the corner to being a teenager? We were out to dinner the other night and as she walked by this table full of boys roughly her age; every single one of them whipped their heads around to look at her. This has never happened before. I started crying hysterically and went for their throats. Bail was expensive but it was worth it. Actually I got home and called the convent.She could be a nun right?

If you sit on our back patio for just a few minutes right as the sun is setting.......

You get to watch God do this.............

And this. So good.

I Heart my new camera. I love it so much I'm giving you the bird. Get it? Sorry.

For New Year's Eve we had some friends over and played girls against guys in trivia pursuit. We won't talk about who won.....the boys. But they cheated. We only lost by one. Whatever.

The ten kids played games and ran around outside in the warm 32 degrees weather. Brrrr.....

We lit up the fire outside and made smores. Yum! I had sugar over load.


This is your hair on New Year's Eve recovery

Enough with the birds......I can't help it. My zoom is soooo fun.

So speaking of New Year's resolutions; I'm not really one to make them. I mean I have in the past and then the second I do I feel trapped. Like I can't breath. You know? Maybe it's just me. I mean if I'm going to do something I just do it or if I have a goal then I work towards it and BAM! But the minute I make it official I am doomed. It's psychological I know. For instance back in December when I was going to post a photo a day for the photo challenge; ya' I knew the minute I posted the first day I was never going to get it all done. Ha! Maybe I should see someone. Anyways, no resolutions but lots of things to look forward to this new year. February will be 25 years since I accepted Christ into my heart. So good right? May will be 4 years that I have been off all medications to treat any symptoms of RA. I have been completely free of chemo and treating the disease only with food, vitamins and exercise. This coming Spring we are looking forward to a trip to the Caribbean with friends and family. Can't wait to squish the warm sand between my toes. Also, still doing Zumba 2-3 days a week and staying fit, feeling good. Lots of energy and no joint pain. I am not doing the Vegan diet 100% but mostly...about 98%. I still cook Vegan meals at home but when we eat out if nothing sounds good I will eat chicken or fish. But I really do feel better when I do it 100% so I am striving to do that. Lettuce wraps tonight if you all want to come. :) We move into our new church building in a couple of weeks. That's exciting. So lots to be thankful for and look forward to. Hope your blessed and enjoying getting back to routine. :)


Jessica said...

Love everything in this post. You are so cute :-) especially love the sunset pics, you guys have the best view ever.

Crystal said...

I love that you house has been full, really really full, of people. I can't wait until one day when own a home and I can fill it with family and friends, such my favorite thing!

And can I just add that you have the best photographer ever! Lovin your pictures from this year (& last year). Jess is just so good =).

And I am amazed that it's already been four years that you've been medication free! So awesome. That's what you should write a book about, just sayin =). xo

Crystal said...

And your dog, pure perfection. Love it!

Christy said...

crystal I can't wait till you own a home and can do that as well.....could you just make sure it's closer so we can come over? ;) oh and the book is not a bad idea...I surely have a passion for people who have health issues. Love ya!

Tammy said...

Looks like your New Years was "off the chain"! LOL If my kids saw that I just typed that, they would be in horror of it. haha! Maybe I should send it to them.
Our New Years was quiet. Sigh...
But lovely.
I cracked up on your book idea. So cute! My fifteen year old is a hoot as well. We've called her Hollywood for the past several years. She is quite animated and always saying and doing quirky things. I would totally read your book about Ryanne. Totally!
My dream is to write a book one day. I've started several times, but then stop, then start... then well you know. One day shall be finished!
We recently had the same problem with our daughter and the "onlookers" AKA "daughter thieves". Just the other day some guy, like almost 20 or something (he had a gotee) wipped his head around to look at my precious girl. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "She's only 15! Only 15!" But, I shot him some of my dagger eyes instead. At which he then thought I was crazy, but whatever. It doesn't help that my girl is almost 5' 11" with the hips of a woman. I may have to learn to use a gun. Geeesh! Help me Lord Jesus!

Your cute. Apparently there is a chihuahua trapped in there somewhere. I guess I've taken up way too much space here. (That's so unlike me...ehemm.)

By the way...thanks for all the comments on my recent blog posts. You rock that comment section! (Again, my kids would be horrified by my inappropriate language.)

Have a fantabulous week!!

Andrea said...

we had a great time!! and yes they cheated! BTW love that there are 10 kids and only 3 couples...who do all those kids belong to anyway!!???

littlecbsmom said...

I miss those Southern California sunsets:(
Great pics as usual and the book idea...feeling you there my friend. You should definitely write more, God has gifted you!!