Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Things I Said I Would Never Do...

So I did something this past weekend that I said I would never do. Not ever! OK maybe it was two things; no three. Ya' know my life is an entire episode of things I said I would never do, eat, try etc. so just bare with  me. So in the past I have ALWAYS worn a two piece bathing suit. (see previous posts where I describe looking like a baked potato in a one piece suit) I think it has something to do with me having a short torso. You know, boobs want to meet stomach somewhere in the middle and without serious push up support it's just an ugly tragic sight. Ha! So back to God getting a hold of my heart....... God really started to convict me about modesty and what that might look like to the two girls I am raising. I don't think there is anything wrong per say about wearing a two piece it's just that when I started to see it through my pre teens eyes it burdened my heart. I started to think to myself,"Self, would you walk around the beach in your bra and underwear?" Well of course not! But really if were being honest it is the same thing as far as exposure goes.And I just wanted to set a standard for my girls and for our home so I find a one piece for our up coming vacation. See that price tag above? Yup' after all the sales and discounts $38! Do you just want to die?!?!!

And so this picture would now bring us to the second thing I said I would not do and that is buy a white suit. I have this reoccurring dream of getting out of the Caribbean Sea, whipping my hear through the air and strolling over to the palm tree where Dan is sitting with.....ooppsss wrong dream. My bad. But I always imagined white would be a no go due to the ach-umm see through qualities it might hold. But alas I went to the Tommy Bahama outlet with my mom this weekend and theirs are double lined AND have a strap around the neck to hold the girls up. SCORE! The third I wouldn't do you ask? Oh ya' that's try on bathing suits in January when it is literally freagin' 22 degrees at our house. The upside? There was nobody else anywhere near the suits or the dressing rooms so we had free reign.   Although the sales lady did seem mildly annoyed with me when I started walking around the store to get more suits with just my jeans and tank and bare feet. Whaaaat? Look, I can either try on suits which is a Zumba work out all on it's own or I can put my boots on 200 times to go back into the store. So I'm not judging you if you wear a two piece it's just my own heart. Honestly, I have been working out so hard and so I kept looking at the two piece suits and sighing but then I realized I can skip a few work outs, lay on the beach and let my gut be free to exhale. LOL!

We are blessed to have almost an acre of property out behind our house that has nothing but room to run for the kids and dog. The girls and their friends decided a couple of weekends ago to start tearing down an old gazebo on the property so Dan could build them a fort this summer. They have been pulling weeds, hauling wood up to the house to make piles and thinking of ways to earn money to add some fun touches to the area. They want to plant flowers and have curtains etc. It's fun because they went on line and did all the research on how much the wood etc. will cost and they are making cookies this weekend to sell to the neighbors. And you thought home school kids weren't brilliant. ;)

We bought the girls this Popsicle maker from William Sonoma and tried it out today for the first time. We figured it was almost a heat wave with temperatures reaching 50. ;)

If you have one or two kids then this is super fun and easy. If you have more (Andrea) you would need the bigger one that makes 3-4 at a time. But it was expensive and I'm cheap. So the single server it was. You just put the stick in, pour whatever juice you want, wait a few minutes and......

you have an apple juice Popsicle. My daughter did not want to cooperate even for blogging sake

But nobody not nobody can escape the new camera. Have a blessed week!

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Jessica said...

Cute bathing suit!

What an awesome spot for a play house, that will be so much fuN!

I've been wanting one of those pop-sickle makers, so fun!