Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, February 11, 2013


Well it happened yesterday.Our oldest turned 12. sigh..........She had a few friends sleep over the night before and then we all managed to get to church at 8am the next morning.

Poor baby had been sick off and on all week so she was not quite herself.....but she had fun none the less on Sunday when her friends and a few family came over.

Shes at a really fun age to sit back and observe. She is stuck somewhere between being a child and growing into a sweet teenager. She wanted Legos and dresses. She also got her first little pair of black low pumps to wear to a formal dinner we will be going to soon. Legos and pumps. My kind of girl.

It was a fun afternoon filled with cake, pizza, hugs and singing of course.

Happy Birthday To You!!!!

Happy Birthday Too You!!

Make a wish Morgan.....

I guess nobody got the "One, two, three funny face!" Memo. Heeelllooo!

I heart Morgan!

I think I am shrinking....... :(

12 year old people only want their picture taken if it is their idea....

She hearts her daddy though.....

See, her idea. Ha! Morgan, you are the best kid. So funny and animated. Sweet and smart. You have more talent in your little finger than most have in their entire body. God is just waiting for you to discover and open up all those gifts he has given you so you can use them for his glory. We loved you before we even met you. You love life and your family and friends. You have questions about God and bible that are to big for me. You desire obedience and yet you have just enough spunk in you to think for yourself and be your own girl. I pray for your heart, your health, your ministry and your future spouse daily in my quiet time. Be blessed my big kid. Happy Birthday!


BC said...

YEAH - pumps and legos are my idea of great too! Happy Birthday girlie! We will come and build with you.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday sweet Morgan! Legos and pumps sound great :) I like a girl with balance.

Ethan told me last night he plans on marrying Morgan. I told him she might be a little old for him ;)

Christy said...

Aahhh Jess, that's so sweet. I know that will tickle Morgan. Hey at least you know he has good taste. He! He!

Erica Young said...

Happy birthday to Morgan. It's amazing watching your children grow through your blog, they are both getting big.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! FYI--memos are very important, especially during picture taking. It's a must! Do we smile? Do we cross our eyes? Do we look too cool to be taking this picture? Do we look bored? Do we make silly faces with our tongues hanging out like we're dead? What? What? What do we do? These are very important questions!!

I loved your ending. So very precious! I love how you put that you pray for her spouse already. Me too, for mine! It's so important to plant seeds of prayer now for their future, including their marriages. Love!!