Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, February 25, 2013

Secrets Out....

Anyone who knows me knows I am terrible with surprises. I have the hardest time not spilling the beans. Mostly if I am told to keep a secret I just don't talk to the person it involves which usually leads to them thinking I am mad at them which starts a whole other problem. Ha! Ha! So my brother told me he was gonna pop the question to his girlfriend Sarah and let's just say he knew to have her avoid me like the plague. ;) Buuuuuuttttt....secrets out and she said YES!

It's a good thing too other wise the surprise engagement party would have been just awkward. He went to lots of trouble to get all their friends and family there and I'm pretty sure she felt pretty loved.

Of course Ryanne made them a special picture.

If you didn't already know this, both our girls are adopted at birth. Having a woman hand you her baby and trust you with that life creates this bond only the two of you can understand. In that moment you want nothing more than to give her the world for giving you the world in the form of a little bundle of pink. Did I fail to mention that our girls were tiny, beautiful, perfect and did I say beautiful? Morgan's birth mom is a gem. Seriously, she has this love for our family that is unreal. The sweetest spirit too. In the last 12 years since Morgan was born she has since finished college, found her soul mate and had a little baby named Dylan.

We had the privilege of spending the day with them a couple of weeks ago. We have not spent time together since Morgan was 5 and Ryanne was 2. We keep in touch through email, phone calls and photos. I have to admit; when Kari sent me the birth announcement with Dylan's picture I crumbled into a ball of mess. Tears and sobbing and all. It wasn't that I was sad really.....I was happy for her. It just never occurred to me that I would see another baby picture that literally could have been our sweet Morgan. Even looking at the picture above gets me choked up because its all in the eyes and cheeks. It's those darn beautiful Japanese genes I tell ya'. Anyways, the girls fell in love as did Dylan. Morgan said he was a little monster at times and I just laughed. She was a little monster at that age too. It only seems fair. ;) Kari bought all us girls charm bracelets so we can build on them together. Thank you for spending the day with us Kari and Dylan, it is a day that is near and dear to my heart. I love you!

I got up the other morning to this note from Ryanne. I did what any mother who feels like she is less than an inspiration most days would do. I framed it and stuck it on my counter. Today as Ryanne was rolling around on the floor throwing a royal fit for over an hour this note saved her life. If you can't read it, it says;"You inspire me to do stuff mommy. You are great. You inspire me in school and circus and in every way in my life. God blesses you in all ways. I love you mommy. You have love in you mom." I'm pretty sure this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. *Sniff*

Second snow storm in 2 weeks in CA? Yup' oh joy more snow. Ha! I'm not a cold weather lover lets just say. My little one and my dog on the other hand ran out as the sun was coming up to play and run. You will be proud of me, I got dressed and still drove to ZUMBA in the snow. Ugh! It was angry ZUMBA. Oh and while I am whining let me just say February is a rough month for us every single year as far as everyone being sick. Yuck! But don't worry we share, spread it out through the entire family over the entire month. I was the last one who got it this past weekend and it was the first time in a year that something knocked me flat on my back in bed for the ENTIRE weekend. blahhh!!! Also, raise your hand if your a teacher and you have Spring fever!! I'm dying here. I just want to be done with school. I can see the end, I can taste summer, our cruise coming up, warm air, children outside running free. Sighhhh........3 more months. I can do this right?

This fella has been getting brave around our house. He has been hanging out in the tree by my bedroom and on our patio. Isn't he beautiful!


krista said...

Congratulations to your brother- how fun!
Oh, can I put my hand down now? Still raising my hand for Spring Fever...Ha--just kidding but I have MAJOR spring fever. On day 12 of crazy sickness here and I want it to be warm without germs and to stop working for a few weeks! Spring and Summer come soon!

Jessica said...

Congrats to your brother!!!

Seeing Morgan hold that lil cutie brought tears to my eyes, so sweet. How cool that you can maintain a relationship with her birth mom.

And I'm with you, ever year the sickness seems to come in Feb. No fun at all! Hope you're feeling better :)

That note from Ryanne was too sweet... ahhhh, love it.

Tammy said...

Oh, you just can't go without making me laugh and cry...and all in the same post at that! You have made skils woman! Mad skills I tell ya! My heart rejoices with you and your sweet family and spending the day with little Dylan.
How sweet is God to plan that day out for all of you! I could just see God getting all excited for you as that day approached.

Surprises...throw em' at me! I'll never crack! I'm known as the vault in my family. Everyone tells me everything. (Ehemm, some stuff I'd rather NOT know.)

You, I love! Good day to you friend!

Tammy said...

Ok...let me clarify that it was suppposed to read "You have mad skills woman!"...not made skills. Made skills? What is that? LOL Oopsies. :-)

Erica Young said...

Aww congrats to your brother! May their marriage be filled with trust, peace and love!
It is so great you still keep in touch with her birth mom. I had a dream the other night I was a surrogate and after the delivery I didn't want to give the baby up. I was so heartbroken but realized I only did it for someone who couldn't get pregnant themselves. When I woke up I realized maybe that's something I need to think about doing.