Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Dance........

So today I am strolling the isles at Trader Joe's hoping something will inspire me to cook dinner. As I round the corner I see a tall stack of Joe-Joe's and then just as I am about to think something unkind about people who can eat cookies whenever they want I notice the Gluten Free flag across the front of the box. What? Gluten free Joe's. No way! I read the label like 10 ten times to make sure it's for real. Then I grab the nearest stranger and demand that they pinch the crap out of my arm so I can confirm this is NOT a dream. Then it happened......yup' I broke out into the happy dance. It wasn't pretty but it had to happen. Forget dinner kids we're having cookies! If for even a fraction of a second you ever doubted my love for you fellow blog readers, rest assured that by me letting the cat out of the bag on these it is TRUE LOVE. I mean what other motive would I have to share?
To confirm my love is genuine I will let you in on one other life changing gem I came across. They are the new Udi's gluten free tortillas sold at Fresh N' Easy.  Now if you have ever tried gluten free tortillas I know what you are thinking, BLAH! Right? But wait, these are the real deal. They heat up nicely and even roll into a real burrito. I almost cried. I actually might have a little. It had been 6 years since I have had a burrito. SIX YEARS! I am in love. I'm moved to a happier place of thinking nicer thoughts about regular tortillas and the people who can eat them. is good.
Since I'm gaining weight just writing food posts let me add a non-food fun find. Ha! Say that fast five times. Non-food fun find! Non-food fun find! Non-food fun find!!!! OK you get it. I found this cute little basket at Marshal's and put cute little mini herbs in them on my cute little dining room table. Perfect turquoise color for summer. Be blessed today friends! 
This was me in the isle at Trader Joe's today.........I didn't mind the stares. 

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