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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Weekend Thus Far....

Friday 6:35am: A loud explosion rings through our neighborhood followed by a power outage.

6:40am: Morgan says,"Mom I smell a fire." I look out my kitchen front window to see this.

6:45am: We hear fire engines roaring up the canyon. I call and wake the neighbors who's house is closest to the blaze.

7:00am: All the neighbors have thrown clothes on and are out watching the fire crews hike the hill and the bulldozer climb up after them.

By 7:30am the air attack is in full swing.

In 2010 we were evacuated so luckily it is all still pretty short on growth on our hills. We of course kept a watchful eye but since it was early in the morning, still cool and no winds we felt safe.

I text my poor husband who was just getting off a 96 to let him know he was coming home to fire drama at our house. Ha! Poor firemen can't get a break. They did an amazing job of protecting our small little neighborhood as they always do. That is the only down side to living up here. Oh and rattlesnakes! Our neighbor had a baby rattler in her living room last week. Ugh!

Despite his extreme fatigue and lack of time to train my hubby sucked it up and went to his race in Big Bear this morning.

Now I will be the first to admit that when the alarm goes off at 4am to head out for one of his races and few thoughts might go through my head. None of which are,"Boy am I glad my husband does triathlons!" Ha! But once the sun peeks over the horizon and I see the work and dedication all the athletes put in I can't help but have a festive spirit the rest of the day.

I'm not entirely sure why swimming over a mile at 8,000 feet is appealing but hey to each their own. He's looking good out of the water......

Feeling good on the bike transition.......

Heads out into the beautiful morning for his 30+ mile bike guy ate it going downhill and was rushed to hospital with SEVERE road rush....that kinda puts a damper on the day when you hear sirens rushing to the aid of a racer and you don't know if it's your loved one.

Finished the bike looking strong and is heading out on the 6 mile run........

Dan talked a friend into doing one for the first time and he ran the last leg with him to encourage him as he was seriously hurting......Kent may have mentioned to me as he passed that he was less than thrilled with my husband in that very moment. Ha! I told him to take two Motrin and give it three days; he'll be hooked. He! He!

Our good friends son who is in the middle finished 9th over all. His dad works with Dan and we have been around him since he was a tiny little he's trying to tower over Dan and kick his butt racing. Such a great kid! Congrats little Joey on your race today.

As usual the girls were great sports cheering everyone on and encouraging their's a family affair.

Fun to see friends meet their goals and just be in a beautiful place for the day. Have a blessed weekend and happy fathers day to all you daddy's out there who rock!

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Jessica said...

Definitely an eventful weekend! Glad the fire got put out! Way to go Dan, wow... a race like that after being so tired! I'm impressed!