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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Fall Fun....

OK so this part is NOT Fall fun. I was running and running as fast as I could but a darn chest cold caught me anyways and before I knew it I had full blown bronchitis. I will spare you the details of the stuff I was coughing up. Yup' I'm nice like that. I try to never take antibiotics unless it's life threatening so I have had to just stick it out and suffer through...NOT PLEASANT!! We are now on day 10 and I think I'm finally on the mend.

Being sick in our house is not really an option since life just seems to keep on moving regardless. Crazy how that happens right? Morgan had a performance and her group did great!

I like to look up quotes from famous people and update our classroom chalk board on a regular bases....I'm a dork like that.

My brother (FINALLY) got married this past weekend to his lovely fiance Sarah. It was a sunset wedding on top of a hill at a winery. Really beautiful.

These lined the walk way from the outdoor ceremony to the reception room.

The cousins.....they partied long into the night. We had to drag Ryanne off the dance floor.

OK I am realizing this dress on me is not flattering in pictures. Yikes! Anyways, this is my aunt and my cousin. Notice I'm the only one without wine.....helpful when you have to be the one who knows the way home. :)

We were waiting for appetizers.....

And apparently were very excited when they came around......

What? Are you lookin' at me?

Mike & Sarah's sign in table...

The venue was very quaint and personal feeling......Morgan and her daddy

Sisters rock!

Home school recess.....

Ry got her braces off and got a lady bug retainer.....

Dan's aunt and uncle came up from Santa Ana and we went with them to Oak Glen for some apples and other treats.....Happy Fall!

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Jeff and Aimee said...

I love to see all the happy-making pics of your family. I hope you feel completely better soon.