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Monday, October 28, 2013


Obviously not a zombie but we couldn't forget to post about Ryanne getting her braces off! And a lady bug retainer to boot!

I'll keep the anticipation rolling for a second longer; this is the sunset the other night from my living room....

I loved watching the fog roll in as the sun was was MAGNIFICENT!!
Morgan's performing group has been working for two months on their Thriller dance. They finally got to perform it twice this we are transforming the little ballerina into a monster.....Dan said it shouldn't take much since she's about to be a teenager. Ha!

She decided to be a prom queen zombie so it was really fun to put together. Thrift shop dress my mom picked up, a little dye bath and some driving over it with my car and Ta-Da!

Ratting out her curly hair was SO FUN!!!

The girls all really got into it and the crowd loved their dance. Really a fun group of kids....I mean zombies..I mean ballerinas.....well, it depends on the day. :)

OK kids, now pretend you are going to eat Ryanne and will be so hilarious! I think we may have scarred the poor two year old for life. The look on his little face is priceless.

Meet Dylan. Morgans birth mom and brother came out and spent the weekend with us to watch them dance and spend time with the girls before they move back east. Kari's husband got a new job so sadly they will be leaving just as they are getting ready to welcome a new little girl into the family in March.

Dylan dressed up as Indiana Jones for the festival....

Morgan and Kari. So a fun weekend was had by all but we are glad to have our pre-teen "de-zombified."

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Jessica said...

That sunset is incredible!! It was from Friday huh? I remember.

Morgan looks great, what a cute zombie :)