Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blessings In The Strangest Places

(I don't usually take pictures of flowers but I couldn't resist this one)

Ok, so I had this really cool thing happen last week and I am going to do my best not to ramble as I share my heart. There is this older couple (probably in their late 70's early 80's) who I have seen walking every morning together for the last three years. They hold hands as they tredge up our steep hill rain or shine in thier matching grey sweat pants and shirts. I always look at them as I am flying by to get Morgan to school and wonder about them. I also cringe to think I complain about walking to the mail box and here they are actually "working out". So anyways, last week I noticed the women was walking by herself; no husband for like three days. I felt this sinking feeling that he may be really sick or even worse. So after like five days of wondering I felt God tug at my heart to go and befriend this women and find out how I could pray for her. I was really nervous as I rounded the corner back up the hill & secretly I was hoping she had finished and God would let me off the hook just for today. My hands were all sweaty and very clearly I heard God say I needed to share with her my heart and offer up prayer. "What, right here?" "God are you crazy, what if she rejects me?" So then at the last minute I saw her coming down the path under the old oak tree and I knew being faithful to God was a must. I pulled over and nervously introduced myself telling her that I was concerned that I had not seen her husband with her. She informed me he was at home recovering from surgery due to colon cancer. I told her that I was going to pray for him and asked how long they had been married; 57 years! I told her how proud of her I was, she seemed so surprised and happy. So then yesterday I was driving to school and guess who I saw waking up the hill after only being down a few days? Yup, the couple who I thought I was going to minister too but instead encouraged me in my marriage. Now I drive by say good morning and wave. I love knew friendships that pop out of the unexpected don't you? God opened yet another door that I cautiously walked through and WHAM-O!! He blessed me. Love it!!


Jessica said...

That's a cool blessing :)

5KidMom said...

Beautiful! So glad the end wasn't what I feared. May God continue to bless this lovely couple, and you and yours'.

Much Love,

DonnaG said...

that one so blows my post from today out of the water.

christy p said...

That is a VERY cool story. Thank you so much for sharing!