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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pearly whites

So we all had dentist appointments yesterday and I got to thinking' about how Dentist's kind of get the raw end of the deal. I mean think about it; you take the camera to your kids first hair cut, to their first day of school, first big trip, first everything but nobody takes photos at the dentist. So I decided for Ryanne's first cleaning we should document it so we could look back on this monumental day. Plus, I knew deep down she was going to throw a royal fit and I wanted to catch it all on film. I know, I know, mean mom. But here as you can see she looks really happy and sweet; that's only because Dan refused to snap away at the tantrum. Also, notice I am wearing the pink bib? Ya' I pretty much did whatever Ryanne told me to do for that 10 minutes!
By this point we had promised her everything but my car............or did we giver her that as well? You can see the look on her face here where she is re-thinking this whole hygiene thing. Ryanne doesn't do ANYTHING Ryanne doesn't want to do and if it's not HER idea you can forget it!
If you look REALLy close you can see I have my mouth open in the background. I didn't even realize I was doing it till' I saw the photo. Well, we all survived and Ryanne got a thumbs up from the Dr. Everyone's healthy and clean and as far as Ryanne is concerned 6 months till' the next visit isn't long enough. If you have a dentist phobia sorry about the post.

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christy p said...

You are such a great mom to sit with her. I love that Dan took pics of the special occasion!