Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, October 8, 2007

Run for the Hills

So all last week I could hear this small voice in my head askingme if what I did day in and day out pleased God. At first I was trying to drown it out because I knew full well what that little voice wanted; it wanted change and ugh.......we know how much we all love change right? So anyway after a week or so of the Holy Spirit nudging at me, a few things friends have said and Pastor Chris sharing from Josehps life during the sermon yesterday I decided to think it through more. Ok, so here is my confession; I watch shows that I know don't please the Lord. I used to be really good about filtering these things out and then slowly as Dan would work more overtime and I would find myself alone and bored I would start flipping through shows and checking out things that I knew friends watched and some other shows that I had seen previews for. Before I even realized it I quickly started to care about what was happeing on Greys Anatomy and believe me when I tell you I would not ever have an affair but I loved this show and let's be honest, that's all it's about. I would also watch the gossip shows about the stars and then a friend said in her Blog that she watched them but NEVER gossiped. So it got me thinking,"why then do I watch a show that talks about other people?" I mean is it ok to tare apart Brittney Spears? fact my heart breaks for her.So then what am I doing here? At church yesterday when Pastor Chris started talking about Fleeing temptation like Joseph did and how he called sin wicked. Pastor Chris loved that word "wicked." He said we should use it more often to describe the act of sin and where it puts our hearts. When we sin we destroy our lives, and those around us. Now you might be screaming "leagalistic" at your computer but its not. Even little stuff creeps in. I don't think I am a bad person if I watch something that doens't please the Lord I just think it removes me from being in fellowship with him when I am watching the cast of some show sleeping around or another show gossiping and hurting others. I don't care about the "good person, bad person" thing either; I care about being in constant fellowship with God so that the short time I am here I can be a world changer. I mean it's hard enough without TV to do the right thing, think the right things and so on. It is so hard to live in the world, be part of it yet be different yet love those around us plus be healthy in our own homes and families why make it any harder? So with that said I have decided to go about the task of being more aware of what I flick on the TV. No more junk. I want to be completely available for God to use me and grow me and him having to work past all the junk we feed ourselves really is counterproductive don't ya' think? Maybe not for you but for me I am choosing to flee.


Jessica said...

Yeah, I watch junk.... mostly on network TV. Non-junk shows that I love: the Discovery Health channel, house decorating shows, house flipping shows, learning shows on History Channel or Discovery. There really are a lot of great non junk shows out there... they are just all on cable, haha.

christy p said...

I agree there is a lot of wicked shows on TV. I don't watch the gossip shows, but I do get People and US. (bad momma!)

Does this mean you aren't going to watch Grey's anymore???? I hate to admit this, but I LIVE for that night. (Actually I tivo it, as it comes on too late for me) HUGS.

DonnaG said...

I like what you said about "wicked". Calling something what it really is. My husband is a big time user of the word "adultery". When he hears of cheating spouses, he calls a spade a is adultery. He firmly believes in never glossing anything over. It seems that when we do that, those things that don't seem too bad, suddenly come out into the light.
Good post!