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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Crazy Athletes!

So we decided the swim Gods hate us (joking! Please don't e-mail me about that!) because everytime we have a meet it is raining and COLD! So this is what we do in between swims. We huddle! Here is Ryanne trying to help keep Morgan warm and ham it up at the same time!!
Morgan did really good. She shaved time off of her last free-style and didnt get DQ'ed on the backstroke so we were thrilled for her in that. She got a first place ribbon from last month for her division in the freestyle and she got 2 6th place ribbons for both of her times in her age division this past weekend. Not bad for a kid who has only been on the team for a month and a half. She loves it and we love that she is staying active and having a blast at the same time; now if we could just the weather to work with us for November that would be great. This is one mom who is tired of being wet and cold all day. Ugh! Ready, set, go Morgan go! When they are this little they do their starting dive off the side. She is almost ready to go off the platform as coach Austin has been working with her. Frankly I am fine with her staying on the ground. :) You can see Ryanne in the back ground ready to cheer her sister on.
We went right from Morgan's meet in Redlands to Hermosa Beach where Dan had a race VERY early on Sunday morning. The weather had at least cleared a little bit but as you can see in this photo it is still very dark and very early! But we couldn't miss our traditional good luck before the race hug.
Here is our friend Pastor Chris and Dan as they head out to the starting line. Good luck boys!
Here are Morgan & Ryanne waiting for daddy to cross the finish line. He did it 20 minutes faster this time which amazed us all. Now he is officially hooked. Lucky for us the season is about over so we will get to sleep in a little. :)


Jessica said...

Cute pictures :) Your family is definitely active to say the least! Thanks for sewing with me yesterday and teaching me a few new tricks. I'm almost ready to sell my products... haha! Tell Dan I enjoyed his yummy soup and cornbread :) Love you!

Rhonda said...

How cool to see a picture of Chris. Congrats to both of your athletes.

christy p said...

Yeah for your entire family!! That is awesome. Love seeing all the photos too! Hey...what new tricks did you teach Jessica? Teach me too!