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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Family Fun Night

Morgan's swim team has periodic "family nights" where the kids get to come and have a picnic with their families and just play in the pool. Now that might not seem like a big deal to most. But these kids are used to swimming 3-5 nights a week for over an hour all the while being trained by coaches who are standing over them in the pool. So for them to be able to let their hair down (literally, no swim caps) and just play for two hours was heaven. All of the swimmers family are invited to join in the fun as well. Tonight they had their team pictures taken before hand. Here is Morgan and her friend in deep conversation while waiting for the photographer to place everyone. :)
Because Ryanne joined the Star Fish she got to be in the team photo as well. She is in the far bottom right corner wearing her first Speedo suit and talking to her coach.
"Look mom, no swim cap or people telling me what to do!"
After Ryanne wore me out in the pool she moved on to one of the other swimmers dads to see what he was made of. Are you sure this was my three year old who was terrified only a week ago? Now she is jumping off the side. Going under water and holding her breath and trying to swim on her own.
The high school kids got in a friendly game of waterpolo. Here's a little tip for all you parents out there with small children with tons of energy. Want them to eat good? Want them sleep at night like logs? Here's my advice; the minutet they are potty trained find your local swim team and sign them up!! Well, it worked for us twice. ;)


Jessica said...

haha, yeah swimming does wear you out... water polo wears you out even more... I never played a harder sport in my life than the one season of water polo I tried.

Crystal said...

Following right in their mommy's footsteps :)

DonnaG said...

Go Little Mermaid