Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My week......................

So Tuesday night I put my nose in this book till' around 11:30 pm and enjoyed every minute of my time alone. If you need a good book this summer here is a great easy reader. It's a fictional book based on the life of Deborah who I knew very little about. But then after only 2 hours of sleep I woke up to this sweet little thing throwing up all over her bed. Yup' the stomach flu had come over from our friends next door (one downside to having so many kids so close together ;) and it invaded my sleeping three year old. Of course my husband is gone on his shift so I was up all night. I laid her on the couch so I could clean the bedroom and she threw up all over the couch and living room. I then mover her to clean the couch and she threw up all over the hallway. Are you seeing a pattern here yet? ugh! The funny thing is that when I threw all the blankets etc. in the wash from the couch I threw the remote control in the wash as well. I realized this at roughly 4am when Ryanne wanted to watch cartoons. I was to tired to care though and let it finish the rinse cycle. But Low and behold I pulled it out around 7am and the sucker worked! Go figure. I figured there was no need to mention this little incident to my husband. :)
Oh and somewhere in my crazy week with no husband and enough vomit to well...... never mind; I managed to drive Morgan on a field trip out to Palm Springs. They went to the kids museum out there. Then she also had her swim-a-thon last night. I had to wrap poor Ryanne up in her PJ's and a blanket and throw her in the jogging stroller (which just for the record has never been jogged behind) But Morgan met her goal of 100 laps and earned around $200! Great job Morgan. She was tired and dragging today.
The best part? Yesterday my friend Jessica made me this little gift below and left it on my front door step to cheer me up. Thank you so much Jess!! That blessed me to know you weren't just thinking of me but you acted on that thought in a very kind way. The little bucket is full of this new tea from trader joes that Jessica got me hooked on. One is white pomegranit and the other white blueberry. Yummy!! Thanks to everyone who has called, e-mailed or prayed for me this past week. I am feeling a bit better and my attitude has improved greatly! :)
On another note I just wanted to thank Christy P. for the idea to adopt a soldier over seas. You can click on her blog over to the right and see her post regarding this topic. The girls and I have started the process and are very excited. Whether you like the president or agree with the war is really beside the point. The point really is that these men and women and their families sacrifice everyday so you don't have too. They allow you to have freedom of speech (on your blogs) allow you the freedom to pray when and where you want and walk through the streets safely and for most of you I am guessing not starving. So they need to know and believe that what they gave up to go is not in vain. Please take the time to look at this web site and prayerfully consider supporting our troops. At one time Between Dan & I we had five family members over seas and a dear friend of mine still remains so this is near and dear to our hearts. Plus I desire to teach my girls at a very young age to have compassion for others and respect for their country.


Jessica said...

wow, I'm surprised your remote still worked! I washed my cell phone once and it was a goner. I'm glad Ryanne is feeling better today, that didn't sound like a fun night! Glad you liked your tea :) I am totally hooked on that stuff right now. Hope you stay healthy and can get some rest! Love you.

the brock clan said...

Hey! I am glad you found me and that you commented! It is always fun to know who is reading! My husband is actually on his way right now to a chief's interview! Hope he gets the job!

Crystal said...

awe poor baby, glad she's better. glad you're lighthearted about it all too...what a woman :). and yeah, shocked the remote still worked.

Kathy said...

Boo to the stomach flu, Lord knows we get our share of THAT around here!! I SO feel for you.

And thanks for the link, I'm gonna go check that out right now!!

christy p said...

OHhhh I am so not a vomit mom. I lay my kids on a big blanket and give them a bucket...don't EVEN get me started on the smell. Good for your surviving while Dan was away! (Doesn't it always seem to happen when they are on duty???) I am amazed your remote still works.

Congrats to Ryanne!