Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Morgan's Meet In 101 Heat

I would like to first just start out by saying that if Morgan ever doubts at any time in her life that I love her I will just remind her of her swim meets. Becuase seriously, they are a labor of love. Think about it; we are at the pool three nights last week already and then we get up at 5:45 to leave the house by 6:45 to be in Temecula by 7:30 (ok, so we were 15 minutes late to warm up) Anyways, all the while you are packing up your house and kids like you are relocating for months. Clothes, food, towels, toys, blankets, chairs, you name it and the "swim parent" has it. We were holding out hope for some wind on Sat. since its ALWAYS windy in Temecual but nope it was 101 on the pool deck and not a stitch of wind. No breeze, nothing! Ryanne was getting tired and kept climbing on Dan who was patient at first but then would put her on the ground and go walk around trying to find air. :) Seriously you would have thought the tarps would have helped but this day they only made you feel like you were being baked like a potato.
My mom came out and attended the meet. Shes from the river and trust me if she was hot it was to hot!! ;) Here are Morgan and my mom giving thumbs up after one of Morgans events.
This was at the very end right before their last event. I let them touch me for like two seconds before I was shoving everyone off! :) Morgan did great! She competed in all 4 events and was also in a relay with three other girls. Of of our girls (the starter) was up on the block and slipped off into the pool scrapping her leg right beofre they blew the start gun; needless to say when you are 7 this is devastating but she got back up and started the race. She was slower than usual because she was upset so when she tagged the wall it was like someone put jets in Morgan's pants because she was determined to make up time for the team and she did! Great job Morgan. Way to keep a good attitude in the midst of the heat and all the delays. I am glad you are such a good example when you get DQ or things go crazy. Keep smiling my little fish.
**Please remind me this next winter that I am not allowed to complain when it is windy and freezing cold hail at her meets. ;)


Faithy said...

Way to go Morgan! :) You are allowed to complain in both summer and winter, both extremes suck! But, you're a great swim team mom and will endure. I'll pray for you throughout the heat wave :)

The Keilers said...

So glad you made it through :). And I can picture you guys now, Dan carrying an oversized pink & yellow (or some other feminine color) striped beach bag on one arm & a giant ice cooler on the other, while you lather the girls in sunscreen & tell them to "hurry up! we're late!". Am I close?

And btw, you take after your mom---two naturally gorgeous women!

christy p said...

YAY Morgan....and YAY for MOM for surviving. I am not a good "heat" momma, unless I am in the water. I would have been melting!

insane mama said...

It has bee really hot here in Santa Monica, Ca where it is usually a nice 74 degres all year.
Reminds me of my daughters swimming years. Now she swims in High school and cuses in a whole new language :)

Leslie said...

ok so I saw that Dyson last night on Woot, Nick found it..after I told him what you said.. but do you have a slim or a full size.... ??