Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The heart of Morgan

I had recorded the Olympic opening ceremonies so the I could watch it with the girls on Saturday morning. Morgan was in awe and after it was over she said,"oh mommy, I wish I lived in China." I said,"you know Morgan people are killed in China for proclaiming they love Jesus." She thought quietly for a minute and then said,"that's OK mom, I would be OK with that because if they did kill me at least I would be where I'm supposed to be anyway, with God." Then last night she told me she felt like God was telling her to share the good news about Christ with these two people who don't know him. I can't tell you the names or the history behind why this was so huge except to say there was no reason Morgan should have known that there was something going on with them and that they don't know Christ. I was moved to tears as she asked me to pray with her last night on their behalf. I decided this morning to start praying faithfully that Morgan would get a chance to travel the globe and share Christs love for us. If you are reading this won't you pray that for her with me as well. :)I took this sitting at our campsite one morning.


Crystal said...

Tears in my eyes too. There's a calling on that girls life. Wow.

M~ said...

Amen! Father God, we ask in Your Son's Name, the Name above all names. In Jesus' Name, we ask that You pour out Your Spirit on little Morgan's life. That the calling You have placed in her heart to reach the lost will burn inside her like a flame that cannot be quenched. That her labor will be fruitful and that the harvest will be great! Lord, that You will fulfill the purpose for which You created her...and also for the entire family, that You will continue to work in and through them for the furthering of Your kingdom and the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ! Amen.

Random Thoughts Tracy said...

Christy, thought I'd stop by your blog. What an awesome glimpse into your daughters heart. May she remain soft in the Master's hands!

the brock clan said...

Wow, amazing! What a great heart she has!

Leslie said...

I will pray.
Awesome to see your babies have a vision and a calling... thats so so neat.