Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tibits & funny little conversations from our week!

No it's not Halloween yet but our girls and their friends from next door are ALWAYS dressing up and playing like it is. This Friday was Corey's birthday (the boys dad) and so while Dan & I were BBQ for him the kids got all dressed up and put on a play. Above we have Luke the dog, Ryanne the mouse, Caleb the professor and Morgan the and I quote "the rich snob princess" who finds things aren't important and Jesus is. Very cute! We set up a curtain and stage area and they had tons of fun.
Taking their final bow.

We woke up the other morning to the girls arguing about their "boyfriend" and fighting about who he loved and who he was going to dance with. With all the curiosity in the world I pulled myself out of bed to find they had dressed the broom, oopps sorry, the prince and they were fighting over who he loved. I couldn't help but wake Dan who looked up half awake and very calmly asked the girls,"Is this the standard I have set for you?" he,heee! I am not kidding you when I tell you that those girls danced with that "prince" for like two hours. It was the funniest thing. When Morgan went to the bathroom Ryanne ran and grabbed the prince running down the hall yelling,"he's my boyfriend now Morgan!" OH MY GOSH! So funny. I can only imagine and cringe as I project forward 10 or so years. Forget the standards honey and just be glad it's a broom for now and not some stinky boy. ;)
I took Ryanne on a "mommy date" last week and as we were sitting across the table from each other at lunch we had this discussion:

Me: "Ryanne are you so excited to start Pre-K next week?"

Ryanne: "yes mommy."

Me: "Are you nervous Ryanne?"

Ryanne: "yes actually I am. Could you tell me what you think we might be doing there all day?"

Isn't that so cute? I could tell she was nervous and a bit timid about going. I told her later that she was going to miss me when she was at school and she said,"ya' but then when I get home I wont miss you anymore."

Last little story for the week:

We were driving and this teenager was walking down the street with these REALLY bright multi-colored tennis shoes on. Morgan said,"hhmmm, those are bright. I think their OK if he likes them but for me I don't really need such bright shoes since I shine like that from Jesus." Again, my cup overflows.


Jessica said...

hehe... love the costumes and the play, how cute is that. Also love the little stories. Thanks for making me smile after a tough evening. Love you friend!

Rhonda said...

Oh I LOVE the stories!
I hope you got at least some of the play on video. Although if they are anything like I was, my mom could get it on video just about any day of the week.
I love and miss you friend!

Crystal said...

What cutie pa-too-tees! Lovin the play and the costumes and the stories. Oh so cute. Made me laugh. I love their pure hearts:).

Diana said...

Your kids are just so adorable! My best friend and I used to make up plays and dances as well. How great that your girls have parents who encourage them and allow them to be silly little girls. So fun!

Eileen said...

So darn cute! What great ideas you come up with! Rock on... awesome Mom! Love, Eileen