Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

See my kids playing with these children? Know who they are? Nop, neither do we. We met all these families traveling up the coast who were from London, and Holland. Really funny because my kids just joined right in with them and played for two days in San Luis Obispo. At one point we were all in the pool and Morgan had met Molly a little girl from London who was 7 as well. They just fell in love with each other. After about 2 hours of swimming together I hear them talking in the shallow end and Morgan is sharing God with her. Telling her how amazing he is and how she just got baptised. Molly said,"I only listen to that kind of stuff in church when I have to go." Morgan just kept on telling her why it was not just about Sundays but everyday and she wished Molly could have him in her heart and get baptised as well. Wow! I was just in awe of her sweet, gentle approach to loving someone and planting seeds.
I can honestly say the universal language is Hot Wheels and swimming. That crosses all language barriers. ;)
One evening we went into town for market night. We ate dinner and picked up some local produce to grill for dinner the next night. The girls had tons of fun.
We stopped to watch this street performer and who does he pick out of ALL these people watching the show? The most shy man on the planet, my husband. He was a good sport though. I told him he always gets picked on because its hard not to stand out in a crowd when you are 6'5. The girls loved that their daddy had swords flying over his head.
Here was our view every evening from our camp site. It's funny because I would watch just as the sun would start to drop behind the ocean and people from all the different countries would flock out to the edge of their sites with cameras in hands. Everyone (inlcuding us) would stand in awe and silence as we watched this event that takes place every single night. I mean we can pretty much set our watches by this event & yet it never gets old. Tell me again how people can find a way to not believe in God?
Hi Mommy! I always tell Morgan that she has a crown when she is at the beach because all her curls try to escape and they wrap a curly crown around her face that I just LOVE!!