Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, August 25, 2008

San-Diego, Office make over and starting 2nd grade

We loaded up and went to San-Diego for the weekend. We spent the night at Doug & Suzanne's and got to hang out with the babes (Nate & Alexandra) They were so much fun. Dan was glad to see the look of exhaustion on my face at the end of the weekend; it just confirms he will not get any more pleas for any more children. :) Ya' I've decided being an Aunt is VERY good. On Sunday Dan & his sister decided they wanted to go for a run down by the water so I jumped on Suzanne's bike plugged in my IPOD and followed them for about 4 miles. Can I just say how amazing it was to be able to ride again AND be able to walk today! Loving life! After we all got cleaned up we headed over to David & Kim's house (Dan's brother) he was turning 40! Whew-hew! Happy Birthday David! So we ate and swam with the kids all day. This is Nate & I lookin' too cool for school! He,heee! :)
Doug & Suzanne with their hands full of babes! It was their first time in the water and they did great!
Ok, so we have spent the last two months trying to turn our office/guest room into an office/classroom instead. Yup' you heard me right we decided to home school this next year. Crazy for many reasons if you want to know the truth. The craziest is because I was the mom who always said,"oh, I could NEVER do that. Not in a million years could I be home all day AND teach my kids." But alas, here we are doing what we said we would never do. When I said I would NEVER marry I met Dan two months later and was married in two years. When I said we would NEVER adopt again we got Ryanne 4 months later. You think I would learn huh? ;) No really, we loved RCS and still do (Ryanne will do 3 day pre-K there) but the living in my car to commute, the gas & tuition prices not to mention we didn't get home till' 4pm everyday and then would have to shove homework in and then run to swim practice or guitar practice and then eat dinner in the car as we ran to Wildlife or whatever was just to much. When Dan was finally home he never saw us or we were all spread out. We have said since the day we had Morgan that all of our financial decisions would be based on me being able to stay home with the girls so our house would have some consistency with Dan being gone so much. When we both wanted to pray about this back in May we knew it was something we needed to look into. So here we are. We finished our first day today & it went fine. Other than the usual "summer is over blues" we did great. :) I will keep you posted as the year goes on. :) She was loving being done today early though and playing with her friend next door. (he goes to a charter and gets out at 1pm)
Here is Morgan last night with Dan as she opened her Schultute. It's a really great idea I found in a magazine. It is a paper cone you make and fill with goodies for their first day of school. Traditionally it's done in Germany for kids entering first grade but I thought it would be fun to make for the girls and their friends next door. So far all the yummy treats, pencils, erasers, & markers in the bottom have been a hit. :)
Here is Morgan all dressed and ready for school. She was really excited to get started and in two weeks we will join up with a home school group that meets here for park days, field trips and party's. So that's about all I can think of to catch you up on our weekend. Hope everyone is having a great Monday.
(note: did you notice the great old wood desk in the photo above? I have wanted one forever and have been looking everywhere we go. Last week my mom was in town & saw some guy was selling them not to far from our house. YIPPY! I loved having that kind of desk in school. The girls think it is so cool!)


Faithy said...

Congratulations of your first day of school. I applaud you for homeschooling, something I have considered, but am not quite ready to commit to (plus the fact that I will have 2 babies come next week ;)
Glad to know your feeling great too!
Oh, love the desk by the way!

Jessica said...

The office looks great and I'm glad the first day of school went well :) If you have any questions about second grade that's definitely the one area I know well! That desk is way cool.

MLasch said...

Yea! you are off an running on this adventure. That first day is the scariest. Should be all downhill from here! J/K Glad to see your health is doing well, too.

The Keilers said...

Wow, I had no idea. SO proud of you. I think running around, being in ten places at one time, is the "American way", but not always what's best at keeping the family together. Great decision. And Morgan looked super cute for her first day :).

Oh and I think the desk is wwaayy cool. I am such a sucker for vintage stuff.

Jolene Grace said...

How fun! Your girls are just getting so big...where did time go? I remember you bringing Morgan seems like yesterday! Christy, you are an amazing mom.

Leslie said...

stopped by here and how did I miss so much.. Im definetly praying for your body and for healing.

BTW, love your homeschool room and what a cool mom with the fun little package of school supplies... your girls will totally remember all the special things you do. So so neat.

Let me know how I can pray more specifically!

DonnaG said...

Congratulations on Homeschooling. I can not wait to hear how it all goes for you. Your girls will love you for it and you may be surprised at how well you do. Keep up the confidence and stomp out Satan trying to tell you you are crazy!

Love ya teacher.

Diana said...

Oooo... Good luck homeschooling! That's one of those things I don't think I could do! Which is ironic, since I spend all day educating other people's kids... I really hope your homeschooling experience is wonderful, and that this year is a good school yaer for Morgan. And I love the desk. Very nice touch!

How are you doing? I hope you're still feeling well and that you aren't experiencing negative side effects. But being able to ride a bike for 4 miles! That's great!

Erica said...

I'm glad to hear you were able to spend the weekend away and enjoy life. Morgan looks super cute for school. Good luck on the homeschooling.

christy p said...

Woohoooo...biking AND walking. I am so glad you are feeling better. And, let me just say that you look F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S in that photo with Nate.

You are going to make a great teacher!