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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching you up in no specific order.........

OK bare with me because we have done ALLOT in the last few days and in no special order (actually a really backwards order) I am going to share our weekend with you. :)
Monday Ryanne turned 5. We took Ryanne, Morgan and Ryannes friend Emma to Sea World for the day. We didn't think we would stay all day but in the end we pulled into our driveway at 11pm. Yaaaawwwnnnnnn!!!!!! So much fun though. It was really hot down there but the girls all did great and NEVER complained.
I was a maniac with the sunscreen and was all over them like every 30 minutes.
Here they are in the polar bear caves. It was so nice and cold in there.

We also had Ryannes birthday party on Sunday after Dan and I got back in town. Did I mention I picked the hottest day of the summer so far to invite 24 people to our house for a party? ugh! Everyone was great about the heat and we just kept the iced tea flowing.
This is how Ryanne gives hugs and thank you's when she liked your gift. Oh my mom is going to love that I posted this shot! ;)
Thank you Sarah for taking pictures all day so I could run around. I love that you caught this shot. This is my,"OK which one of you little monsters just soaked me so I can get you back look." See below pictures for more fun.


Jessica said...

Looks like a fun party! Ryanne is one lucky girl with Sea World AND a fun party :) Cute pics!

Oh, and glad you and Dan got to get away for a night and party it up ;)

christy p said...

Happy Birthday Ryanne!! Great photos Christy!

Erica Young said...

Happy Birthday Ryanne! I really want to go to Sea World, glad you had fun.

Nice place where you stayed for the wedding, looks gorgeous!

jo said...

well I have to say it was a rather outstanding party! Happy bday Ryanne

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Ryanne, even though it is a couple of days late.

Looks like you had lots of fun despite the heat.

And Christy, I'm lovin' the hair. You look fabulous!!! (I am of course talking about the pic of you and Dan in Big Bear. Although you look pretty great geared up for the heat too!)

They grow up sooo fast.
Merritt turned 9 on Tuesday. I didn't realize Ryanne and he had birthdays so close together.