Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hey people the circus is not just for clowns anymore. You have to be buff, stronger than nails and afraid of nothing! :) Here is a shot of Ryanne and Dan doing the cool down work out. Notice Morgan in the background laying on her face resting? ;)We firmly believe that all good parenting skills are learned at the circus. Think about it; there is allot of trust that goes into these stunts here. Notice she didn't ask me to catch her.
Morgan is learning a new move here. After being launched off the teeter board she is to land on that platform. Do you love the lady in the pink t shirts face? Its like,"oh crud, I know this kid only weighs 60 lbs. but this is gonna hurt!"
Ryanne's face is priceless here. Her little lip sticking out so sad. She is not a huge fan of heights so this took allot out of her. She tried something new though and did great.
The girls got their daddy into the act this past Friday night and they loved it. Its a family affair. They work out I take pictures. :) Hey, I have arthritis. Morgans little friend stayed the night with us and that is her in the brown pants. I think she loved this class as well. I mean what kid doesn't want to walk all over the adults? ;)


Stacy Y said...

awww.. Becca looks soo cute.. may have to join this after soccer :-) Looks like alot of fun for everyone!

Jessica said...

fun stuff! Looks like the girls are enjoying their new activity :)

Jolene Grace said...

I love this! What a cool thing to do as a family! Dan is such a good daddy. :-)

Eileen said...

Great pics... great family time!

Rhonda said...

Still jealous - wishing we had something like this up here!