Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


OK, you will have to bare with me cause I am working on very little sleep in the last few days but I wanted to post some pictures and update you all. It really started on Sunday when the Oak Glen fire rolled around behind us. It was all good and blowing away until about 10pm and then the wind shifted towards us which caused us a little concern for a bit. They really got the air attack on it though and it was all but knocked down on Monday afternoon. I went to run errands and had only been home shortly when my friend called to say she saw smoke on the other side of us. I looked out the other side of the house to find that indeed we had another problem.

Lucky for us the air tankers were near by and jumped right on the flames. It was a great battle and effort on their part but once the sun went down they were gone and let me just say that was a very bad feeling.
My friend Stacy kept insisting we might have to leave and I kept saying,"naaahhhh." She decided to ignore me (thank you Stacy) and bring her truck up before the roads were closed. It's a good thing she did because about 15 minutes after the sun went down the winds picked up and we had a neighborhood full of firemen and police officers "suggesting" we leave. There is only one way in and one way off our hill, very scary when you are talking about evacuating.
This was the last shot we took before our girls started freaking out and the neighborhood became a circus with firefighters, tankers, bulldozers on the hill and the news channels. I of course had not packed a thing and had not even thought through what to take. Stacy thank you for walking through the house with me and being the voice of reason.
Josh, thank you for taking all the pictures of my kiddos off the walls and loading my car. Becca and Lauren thank you for walking the girls in and packing their bags and loading them in the car. Thank you honey for reminding me that freaking out does not help and staying calm is a good example to the girls. Thank you, thank you, thank you Firefighters for battling it out and saving our neighborhood. We love it here and love all 8 of our neighbors. We look out for each other. Take care of each other and each others kids and homes. This is a good old fashioned American neighborhood where we all have each others #'s and in some instances keys to each others homes. Thank you police officers who have our neighborhood blocked off tonight to keep looters away. We feel much safer tonight seeing your lights at the end of the street. In the 5 years we have lived here this is the closest a fire has come to us and it gave me a new found appreciation for what my husband does everyday.

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christy p said...

Gosh, MORE great photos. What a great friend you had that day...and what great advice your hubby gave you. I still would have freaked out. LOL. Hugs to you.