Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tough Love and Circus Clowns

We firmly believe the punishment should fit the crime around our house so with that said don't go turning us into CPS OK? Since Ryanne was about 1 year old she has thought it was funny to throw things from the moving car window. Oh yes, trash, expensive shoes I had just ordered her (let it go Christy, just let it go) hair bands, toys, food etc. So on the way to teeter board Friday night she rolled down her window and threw her band-aids that she had removed from her leg out the window. *sigh* Dan in all his parenting wisdom (cause frankly I just want to freak out, cause that's what I do. I'm a yeller, a "freaker-outer") he decides the next morning to make her walk around and pick up any little pieces of trash she can find on the street. I am a bit sad to report that our street is VERY clean but we did manage to find a few specks. :) After a few minutes Ryanne said,"dang, why is there trash on the ground mom?" I of course replied,"DUUUHHH, cause people like you throw it out car windows!!" I then asked her if she hated picking up trash and if it didn't totally stink? She said,"nah, I kinda like it." And you people wonder why I am a "freaker-outer" Is that a word? It should be, just slap my photo next to it in the dictionary. ;)Here is just a cute picture of the kids driving Morgan's race car on Saturday. This was just before Morgan slammed her big toe into something, it swelled up, turned black and blue and I spent the next morning in the urgent care getting it x-rayed? She's fine, just jammed it REALLY good. Seeeeeeeeeeee, "freaker-outer." :)
See below for some good clean clowning around.


Stacy Y said...

you and me both about being a freaker-outer... thats why Steve takes the kids without me to do the crazy stuff. Next time you'll have to call Cal Trans.. they could put Ryanne to work.. then she may not like it so much ;-)

Jessica said...

The trash thing sounds like something I would have had to do as a kid :)

The Keilers said...

Ahh I just love you! And I love that Ryanne's response was "nah I kinda like it"....SO funny!!!

You guys do so much fun stuff with your girls! I'm learning so much :). (Oh and I'm a "freaker outer" too;).

jo said...

She is so funny! she would never give you any satisfaction!

Jolene Grace said...

I'm a yeller. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference though, it seems my boy has his ears painted on. Ryanne is such a character...hilarious!

Rhonda said...

GREAT idea! I agree that the punishment should fit the crime. Isn't it all about learning how our actions affect others so we can make better choices, fixing the wrongs we do that can be fixed and ultimately having a heart of repentance? And learning it on the simple things as a child instead of the tough things as an adult?
Merritt is finally getting to the age to kind of understand that those things are part of how we love God.
Way to go. You are such good parents.

christy p said...

I am TOTALLY a freaker outter. Times four...with the four kids. You would think I would be mellower with the last two, but I am NOT. I LOVE how you made Ryanne walk the street picking up trash. I have a feeling Miss E will be doing the same soon. Hugs to you my friend!!!