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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Fish, A Little Snow And A Little Unexpected ER Review!

We woke up to a little white treat this morning; not as much as we usually get this time of year but still fun none the less. It's hard to believe that just last week I was sitting in this chair sunning my legs and sweating in 80 degree weather. Welcome to California in February! Ha!
So of course the thing to do before school is build a snowman......

Carrot nose and all.

Macy's most favorite thing in the world (besides her people of course) is snow! She LOVES snow. She was running all over the neighborhood diving in the snow and chasing snowballs the girls were throwing.

My sweet Ry.....

The other night I made a fast simple dish that was so yummy even Ryanne's little friend from down the street stayed and ate with us. Despite the fact that her mom said she probably wouldn't eat fish. Kids!
I just chopped up some carrot, squash and zucchini into thick sticks......

Mixed together some olive oil, lemon juice and fresh garlic and covered the fish with it.
Then I wrapped the Mahi and vegetables in foil packets and cooked it at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Oh it was so good and flaky and flavorful. So easy, no clean up and healthy too!

Now for the review of a local ER room. I just want to say if you ever have to go to urgent care hit up the Beaver one in Beaumont or the Emergency room at Redlands hospital. They both rock!
I really had no intention of doing a review of these two places for you but see I'm nice like that.
They get five ***** on cleanliness.
five ***** on professionalism.
five ***** on being friendly and thorough

I had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks but I thought maybe I was just fighting off a bug. I just kept dragging and dragging and pushing forward until last Friday when I was having horrible nausea and left side pain.

As a rule of thumb it's just never a good idea to ignore side pain. The Dr.'s frown upon it. Ha!
OK back to my attempt at getting attention. ;) My mom came and took me to urgent care Friday where they did all the blood and urine tests finding I was dehydrated. They gave me IV fluids and some very interesting pain meds through my IV. I will spare you of the visual of sliding down the bathroom wall because I was so high that my mom had to hold me up to pee.
Ya' not a pretty visual.
They sent me home with pain meds and scheduled an ultra sound for Monday morning.
Flash forward Monday morning. It was Dan's only and I mean only day to sleep in so he was thrilled when I poked him at 6:30 and said,"Honey, I think there is something really wrong with me."
His response? "Besides the obvious you mean?" Yup no respect.
I told him I was nauseous and felt like I couldn't breath. We had our teenage babysitter who thankfully home schools too come over and watch the girls while Dan drove me down.
Flash forward 2 hours later; some more really good drugs and an ultra sound and Viola! You have an enlarged spleen. Well, me not you per say. I mean who knew that when you have RA all your organs could enlarge and do that.
They also found a little fluid on the left kidney so I was pretty jacked up. I told Dan at least I was sick enough in the ER bed that I was quiet and let him read his magazine;

His response?"Ya' until the drugs kicked in then you were just annoying!"
So anyways, as far as ER visits go Redlands rocked!
I would advise not getting an enlarged spleen to find out......heck that's what you have me for.
I'm home resting. Bored. No gym. No walks. No nothin'! Laying on the couch. Bored.
No nothin'!
The prednisone is kicking in so I am feeling better in that regard. No more fists up under my rib cage.
But Dan said,"NO nothing cause I'm not going back to the ER on my day off!!"
Shheessh! Some people. I get no respect. LOL!
Hope your having a better week and your organs are all perfectly filtering just so.


Jessica said...

The fish looks yummy.

Sorry your spleen got all crazy on you! Just a note.... The middle of the night at Redlands isn't so peachy, it's good you were there in the morning. I hate being forced to rest too! Maybe you can catch up on some reading... Or trashy tv shows? Lol. That's what I did last time I was sick. Let me know if you need me to bring you anything :-)

BC said...

WOW! So sorry to learn of your struggles. Plus cold weather on top of it which I am sure was fun but probably not a big help to you! Sending prayers of remedy your way!!

I can recommend the hunger games series if you need some reading. A good series for making our lives seem more simple. I reviewed them on my blog too. Just for fun:

Keep me posted and if you need some beach sunshine feel free to come down!

Crystal said...

Just got caught up on your blog. So sorry to hear you've been so sick =(. Are you feeling better? Have they done another sonogram? The spleen is a serious organ.

And I love that your girls are getting the DIY bug, the shelf is cute!

Aaand I must say, you and Dan are such a good looking couple. I mean really, you guys don't age.