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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Morgan's 11th Birthday.....

What a fun weekend! Morgan turned 11 on Friday and so we had some family and couple of her friends over for a Star Wars party.

She got lots of fun presents and had a fun time visiting with everyone.....
My brother on the other hand just wanted to dance with Macy the entire night....strange really. Ha!
Dan BBQ hot dogs and I made mom made the dessert pizza per Morgan's request.
This AMAZING women Tina made the cake below. She made it gluten and dairy free and oh man was it good! If you want her name and email/number let me know. She makes regular cakes as well as special diet cakes and she is SUPER reasonable. Very talented.
Morgan made a wish.....

And then visited with her biggest fan who stopped by to wish her a Happy Birthday....
Some of her Lego ships came in very handy as decorations for the counter.....
Thanks everyone for driving out and spending the evening with us!

On Saturday me, my mom, Morgan, Ryanne and Morgan's friend Maddie headed to LA to have a little party at the American Girl Cafe. We had never been so it was super fun! The girls all took their dolls and when they seat you for your party each doll gets a chair, a tiara and a cup and saucer. Then in the end they get goodie bags with outfits in them. So stinkin' cute!
Maybe it's just me but food always seems to taste better when it is cut into hearts, stars and flowers......
Not a party without cake and singing......

The food was so yummy and the dessert was excellent!
Morgan had been saving her money for months and asked for gift cards for her birthday so she was armed and ready to do some serious shopping when we got there. She was so sweet though because she snuck a gift for her friend and her sister in her bag and then gave them to each girl after we were done for the day. :)
All three girls came with their purses ready to shop and shop they did. My mom and I could barely keep up. Ha! Such a fun place.

Lastly what would a trip to American Girl be without a stop at the beauty shop? I mean really. So as a treat my mom paid to let the girls have their dolls done up for the day.
They were so excited. Morgan's doll got a birthday tiara of course! LOL!
Such a fun weekend for such a fun kid. :) Thanks Morgan for the fun time and we love you so much. You are turning into such a sweet young lady. Wait, does that make me sound old?
Your beautiful inside and out kiddo. Can't wait for another amazing year of watching you grow.
Thank you friends and family for making Morgan feel loved!
Thanks for driving to LA in the rain with me mom! Ha!

(Oh and a side note that has nothing to do with Morgan; on the way out of the Grove we were almost plowed over by all the fire engines going to the Beverly Hotel where they found Whitney Houston. Crazy! We didn't know that was where everyone was headed at the time though)


Erica Young said...

Aww how sweet. Happy birthday to her! Sounds like you had an exciting weekend :)

littlecbsmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday Morgan. What great ways to celebrate. That cake was truly spectacular!