Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Project

I must confess, I am not typically a yard sale person. Truth be told I just hate clutter so adding someone else "stuff" just adds to the chaos. Occasionally though when I am out and about I will drive by a yard sale that has something that jumps out at me. This past Friday we were headed to the store and as we drove by a house I spotted this out front.
So I did what any "anti-committed yard sale person" would do; I shoved my mom out of the car to see how much they wanted for it. Ha! :)

It came with 4 of these large wicker baskets. So $20 later and some paint.......
And some help from Ryanne........
And some more help from Ryanne.......

We now have a delightful storage area for all of her Barbie stuff.
Ryanne loves pink and purple and the baskets match her pale yellow walls and curtains......
The baskets are long and deep and so they are just the right size for all her Barbies and.....
the crazy amount of clothes and accessory's they come with.
I guess what they say is true; one man's junk is another man's treasure!

p.s. Please check my blog tomorrow late afternoon/evening as I will be giving away a treat in honor of my wedding anniversary which is Wed. the 8th.
Just promoting a little romance in time for Valentines's what I do. Ha! :)


BC said...

Love it. I have NO really I mean no eye. When we go to someone's house that does these super cute crafty ideas I get so jealous because I would probably have to buy it full price in order to get the same effect :( Super cute!!

Theresa said...

I super love it! I wish I was creative like that. We are redoing a playroom. Need to work on it.

Andrea said...

Super Cute!!! Wish I would of saw it!Poor girls need more storage!

Rhonda said...

You scored on that one!

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