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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Promoting Romance.........

In honor of Dan & my 15 year wedding anniversary tomorrow (the 8th) and of course Valentines day next Tuesday; I am giving away a date night package.

It includes a $25 BJ's gift card and a $25 Krikorian gift card.
All you have to do is leave a comment telling the most romantic date you have ever planned for your spouse or that they have planned for you.

Then because it's this big kids 11th birthday on Friday she is going to pick a number and whoever is in that comment order wins! Easy enough?

So if you read my blog but never comment now is your chance.
I'm trying to promote date night, togetherness and romance and what says romance more than a FREE DATE NIGHT! (Child care not included) LOL!
On Friday I will announce the winner and all you have to do is email me your mailing address; I will pop it in the mail that afternoon and it will get to you in plenty of time for Valentines day.
Good luck!


Andrea said...

Ok so wow I am the first one... sweet! Well James and I are not super romantic... But a romantic date was Valentines oh 15 years ago. He picked me up in a limo and took me to a fancy resturant in Palm Springs. He then gave a me a cute little box with some fancy diamond earrings in it!! However my favorite date with my hubby was running a half marathon in Santa Barbara.... thats the best!!
Ok Morgan pick me!!!!! Remember I could someday be your mother-in-law :)

Matt said...

One of my favorite is still when Jess took me out to New York grill in Ontario back when we were still in college. It was her treat. Steak dinner, three piece jazz ensemble, great ambiance, better company. A date I will never forget. And when the bill came, she realized that she didn't have a way to pay some I ended up paying. It was worth it.

Jessica said...

OK, I love that my hubby commented before me and stole my favorite date! Hehe. Do you love the ending? I'm cool huh?

OK, so I think this is an awesome giveaway. I'll pick another favorite date. Thankfully since we've been together so long we have some good ones :-)

One of my favorites was when matt took me to LA to a jazz club for dinner and live music. Can you tell we love jazz? :-) And if I had to pick a romantic double dato, The Magic Castle with the Flores last summer was pretty amazing :-)

krista said...

My favorite is probably our first anniversary...we spent a day in Santa Monica- shopping, riding the ferris wheel, taking pictures and just enjoying each other. I loved that day/date!

Rhonda said...

One of my favorite dates was when I was pregnant with Molly, we drove to LA to see Wicked, stayed in a fancy hotel in LA, had one of the best dinners, and then had fun just walking around LA enjoying each others company the next day.

BC said...

Ok...I had to think for a little bit because wow date nights are so rare for us lately! But our best was actually our last anniversary. We planned to go paddle surfing in San Diego but by the time Grammy picked up the kids we were just worn out. Too much so to surf. Instead we drove up the coast and found our new favorite beach. We sat in the sand watching the waves and just talked for hours. On the way back we found this little hole in the wall that served the most amazing chocolate cake. Although we had planned something much more romantic and fun we ended up enjoying the serenity of our quiet time together much more! It was better than we could have planned. Thanks Christy for helping me remember! :)

Janette said...
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Janette said...

I love your give-away idea! Well, while we've had some pretty amazing weekend trips to Santa Barbara that always turn out some very romantic dates, and I could name any one of them...Instead I'll tell ya about the stay-in date I planned for my hubby on a very random night, when our baby was still very new and we had a hard time getting out of the house in the evenings. I had gone out to Ross to buy a sexy (and inexpensive) dress that day. Then I came home and prepared filet mignon and some chocolatey dessert and opened a bottle of his favorite wine. When he got home from work, I was wearing the dress I bought, hair & make-up done, had candles lit and mood music playing. He helped me get the baby to bed, and then we enjoyed our dinner and each other's company ;) He was so pleasantly surprised that I would do this for no particular occasion except to show him how much he means to me.

Theresa said...

We stayed home...alone!Mom took the kids. I made dinner. We bought stuff for ice cream sundaes. We laughed and talked and a great time just being together.

Charlee said...

My hubby planned our first kid free trip ever! we went to rancho las palmas he sent me for a spa day and then took 2 days off of work to spend with me(he never takes time off work)he took me out and even had flowers and breakfast delivered to the room!

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