Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Saturday!

I have an infection in my left eye.

My right index finger is so swollen it looks like a sausage.

My allergies are out of control.

My 7 year old played dot to dot with her multiplication answer sheet for her end of the year assessment test and f-l-u-n-k-e-d.

 My 11 year old has been throwing up since 5pm last night.

I have been up for two nights taking care of either a sick child or a dog who just wants to chill in the backyard at 1am for no other reason than to just wake me up.

My 7 year old has a welt between her eyes because some how her sister waked her in the face with a broom......hmmmm.......

I am more certain everyday that Face Book is the mark of the beast. If one more person or company tells me I can't buy, follow them, know dance class was cancelled, someone is pregnant, divorcing, dead or moved because I won't join Face Book you might just see me on the news. Really?
I have a little tip for you if you can't communicate other than Face Book but you won't like it.
And since you aren't paying me for my advice I will keep it to myself.

Oh and p.s: Even if I did have time for 457 friends, really?

My husband just got off another 96........he's motionless on the couch.

I'm good now. Really I am. Just wanted to say HAPPY SATURDAY! :)


BC said...

Hmmm...I know of this great little beach with lots of sand, great waves, beautiful scenery, and lots of serenity! Want to come relax? Thinking of least I didn't email it to you from FB. :) LOL

Jessica said...

Hey, you should join FB ;-)

Hopefully your Sunday was better! I think you could use a vacation :-) love you!