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Monday, April 16, 2012

It Is Well With My Soul......

Pastor Scott from our church does a daily devotional on our church web site that the girls and I pull up and read together before school each morning.
Today his message was entitled It Is Well With My Soul. I have always loved this song. It is so beautiful and sounds amazing when a church full of people are singing it out to our God.
The girls mentioned they had never heard the song so I pulled it up on the internet and let them take a listen.
In the process we stumbled on the history of the song and I thought you might like to know how it came about. Maybe you don't but your here now and your stuck with my history lesson. ;)

Back in the 1800's there was a man named Horactio Spafford. He was a prominent business man and he and his wife were greatly known in their Chicago community. They had 5 children. They first lost their 4 year old son to scarlet fever and then he lost his business and all his life savings in the Great Chicago Fires of 1871.
In 1873 Horactio decided to take his wife and four daughters on a cruise in Europe. He got held up with business for a couple of days so he sent them ahead with a promise to join them.
The cruise ship was hit by a tanker and sank in 12 minutes killing all four of their daughters.
A short time later Horactio was on a boat in the area that his daughters were killed and he penned the words to It Is Well With My Soul.
Later God would lead Horactio and his wife to Jerusalem to share God's word and minister to the Muslim community there.
I LOVE music and LOVE knowing how people come up with the words to songs. I'm very much a people person so I love hearing people's stories of how they got where they are and how God used them and grew them along the way. We all have a story, a song. Something God is doing or has already done.
Maybe if you get a chance you can listen here to the song It Is Well With My Soul and reflect on the story behind the song. It made me reflect on where I am and how I look at things. I know for certain I will never ever be able to hear or sing this song again without thinking of what this family went through and how this husband and wife in their grief still chose to honor the Lord in their actions. I wonder how many people this song has ministered too?
Is where God has you today in this very moment well with your soul?

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