Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, April 5, 2012

If I Tweeted......

I will often post on the topic of "If I tweeted" because things happen to me during the day that I believe are truly Tweet worthy. I mean that is if I tweeted.

If I tweeted I would tell you how the other day Ryanne and I were driving in the car and she said;
"Mom, when I grow up I don't want to go to college."
Me: Really? OK well college isn't for everyone. But you might change your mind. What do you want to do then?
Ryanne: "Oh nothing. I was thinking I would just sit home and do nothing all day like you."

If I tweeted I would tell you how Ryanne and I were in a public restroom and she was already out washing her hands while I was still in a stall. I then heard her say,"Excuse me, is that your real hair color?" to some lady. I did what any good mother would do and hid in the stall till' the lady left. ;)

If I tweeted I would tell you how someone got into my computer and stole all my information. They then sent everyone in my in box spam mail. I proceeded to send an email to EVERYONE in my contacts; Pastor, pastor's wife, co-workers of Dan etc. an email apologizing for the bum email. Then the following day someone brings it to my attention that at the end of that contact list whoever messed with my computer had put x-rated email address' in there. Yup' it's good to be me this week!

If I tweeted I would tell you how someone stole my gas card and charged almost $2,000 to my account..........good news is SHELL is awesome and agreed it was obviously stolen and isn't making us pay.

If I tweeted I would tell you how I have a really painful ingrown finger nail. Yes finger nail. Did you even know that was possible. Who does that?

If I tweeted I would tell you how today I discovered something quarky about myself. I make words up. Like I was telling Dan that at Target today there was a quabazillion people there. Or when I see Macy I will say,"Hey mooshy-moo!" Dan says I speak in riddle and am very random. I say I speak truth and am endearing. LOL!

If I tweeted I would tell you how I am busting at the seams that my hubby is home this Easter! Being alone all the time is one thing; being alone on the holidays is so blah!
What would you tell me if you tweeted?


Erica Young said...

Hmmm...if I tweeted I would tell you that my nephew tripped and fell on his power wheels car and got a big ol bump and kept telling us he was fine. By the way he's also 3.

I would also tweet that we currently run a boarding house or bed and breakfast as I call it as we have 6 additional people living with us and during the week a 7th :) I will be blogging about that so please read! I love reading about your life in grand ol' California and I'm jealous. With all these people living with me I'm going to need a vacation so if you have a spare bedroom make room for me lol!

BC said...

If I tweeted...I would tell you that my favorite time of day is when I crest the hill and see that big beautiful Ocean. Yep! I am spoiled, I love that time every morning - love it.

If I tweeted, I would tell you that I think we are phonemically related because I make up rhyming words that aren't words all the time and use them so often that now my family does and when people are with us they thing we are weird! Or maybe we are just weird.

If I tweeted I would tell you that I would like a "Need it now button." I love waiting on God's timing but some days...just some days I would love to push that button!

If I tweeted I might mention that I so ready to sleep for a full 7 hours one night. To have all my kiddos stay in bed all night long with no issues, needs, night terrors, you name it - JUST Sleep!

If I tweeted I would definitely share that I am so thankful that this weekend is Easter because we have been counting down since like January and I am happy to be in the single digit count down with the numbers where I can remember then instead of having to get my phone and physically count days!

That is all to say...

"If I tweeted!"

Mrs. Far-Away said...

if i tweeted, i would have told you that i came across a pretty cool blog while i was blog-surfing. ;) (on a side note; pretty cool blog you have here *thumbs up* :D )