Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We spent this past weekend in Oceanside so that Dan and his friend Frank could do a Half Iron Man.
Wait, let me rephrase that; we spent this past weekend in Oceanside so Dan and Frank could pay money to be tortured for 6-7 hours in the cold ocean and rainy slippery bike ride where people were wiping out left and right. Ya' that sounds more accurate. ha!

All the way to the left is my Iron Man..........sane? I think not but I didn't marry for sanity's sake.
Well, he was still smiling after the race so I guess the 3am wake up call was worth it for him. LOL! I on the other hand decided due to my health issues the last couple of months to sleep in and catch the race around oh say 9am. I just couldn't imagine standing for 10 hours in the cold.

Sweet girls....
I heart the beach!

This guy hearts CA beaches too! In April mind is good.
I heart my husband!

I heart the view......does it get any better?

I love when I get caught taking pictures of 11 years old!
The girls love bringing me treasures they find on the beach.....

Sometimes they are somebody else treasures. Think this was from the Tsunami in Japan? Wonder what it's story is?
After the race we got Bj's to go back to the hotel and eat and sit in the jacuzzi........
I think being a kid is the best! You don't care that you have a monkey hat on and are laying on the floor of the restaurant coloring waiting for your to go order. ;)
Lastly, my friend dropped these off last week along with a card to brighten my day and brighten it did indeed. Thanks Jess for blessing me. It's the little things that remind me how important it is to act out our faith by loving others. Really it's useless otherwise. What good is faith without action?
I was told by the Dr. on Monday that if my spleen continues to go down over the next 7-10 days without steroids I can slowly return to my normal activity's. Slowly being the operative word.
Getting the steroids out of my system has been a bear. I'm a bit moody, a little down and just off enough that everything seems like a chore. *sigh* Working on getting better though.
I developed a stomach ulcer from all the steroids so that's tons of fun NOT! Taking something to balance my stomach out...........hopefully that kicks this in the pants and we can move on from all this sickness.

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Jessica said...

I think you were the wise one in San Diego ;) Dan is a champ!

So glad you can start weaning off the roids ;) Praying you are on your way to feeling good again!

So glad I could brighten your day... love you and praying for you friend.