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Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 6 On The Cruise.......

The 6th day on the ship just happened to be my 39th birthday and it was a relaxing day at sea heading back from Jamaica....

Dan and I grabbed my camera and walked up and down and front and back of the ship looking at all the fun unique art work....

We finally found the helicopter pad at the front of the ship. It was cool because you could stand at the very front and yell,"I'M THE KING OF  THE WORLD!" Dan begged me not too....I refrained only, and I repeat only because I have done it on the other cruises we have been on. ;)

ON our way to dinner for my birthday.....he cleans up nice if I do say so myself and the only time he doesn't tower over me...I'm wearing 3" heels. Bam! It's my birthday!

The girls and Dan were very sweet and had them surprise me with a cake AND singing. So fun!

Our waiters loved the girls and always made dinners fun for them. The girls would bring them little notes and candy bars so they won them over immediately.

Dan said I am grounded from bringing shoes next trip....whaaaaat? I got excited. He said he's checking my luggage next time. Humph!

They even had a parade in honor of my birthday.....not really but that's what I was telling myself. It was a pirate parade and very cute. They did a lot for the amount of space and time they had.

Sadly after 7 days our cruise had to is the sun rise pulling into Galveston Sunday morning a week after we left. Sigh.....but wait! It's not over. No sir, we hopped in a rental car and headed for New Orleans for a few days. We drug this trip out as long as possible. ;)

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