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Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Jamaic-a Me Craaazzzzyyy!"

Our final island was Jamaica. I always tried to be near the front of the ship as we were coming up to our stop so I could get a picture of the port. Here we are pulling into Falmouth Jamaica.

No problem Mon', we are officially on island time. ;)

Lots of pretty Caribbean colors and cool old buildings......

This guy didn't even ask Ryanne, he just bent down and picked her up. She turned and flashed a smile and then said,"Dang mom, I was way up there!"

This guy was super nice and chatty too! Or maybe I was chatty? Either way he was making these beautiful baskets and made the girls each a bracelet. They were in awe of his workmanship.

Of course we had to stop and get Dan a T-shirt......

Rum anyone? I didn't think so.....

This guy hand carved a turtle for Ryanne and a shark for Morgan from local wood. He put the girls names on them. Really cool for their shelves.

We took a shuttle from the cruise port (I deleted the photo of us in the shuttle out of pure vanity. Whaaat? I had three chins. I so need to get photo shop) Any how, we went to Rose Hall which is owned by Hilton....see above.

This greeted you when you walked in. Ahhhhh....I will tell you that if you plan on going to Jamaica ever by boat, plain, swimming etc. go to a resort. It's not safe to venture out on your own. Go in a group if you do. We reserved our time at the resort through and they were great! It was just for a day pass and very reasonable.

Here are the lounge chairs we snagged and never sat in.......

My fish. Ever since she was little we have joked that if she is out of the water for to long she can't breath. :)


Such a fun day. The resort had swimming pools and swim up bars and water slides and water falls and and and! Whew! They gave you wrist bands so all your drinks and food were included all day. We told the kids,"Have fun, stay together and check in every so often." Morgan came down to the water and when Dan asked where Ryanne was she said,"Dad, she's at the swim up bar drinking again!" I think we lost track after 6 virgin pina coladas. We sent Dan in to cut her off and discovered she had befriended this older Jamaican woman who fell in love with her. Ha! Only Ryanne.

This resort employee climbed up the tree and got a coconut for Morgan. He cut it, put a straw in it and gave it to her.

She loves coconut!

Personally I thought it tasted like sweat....blah. But it was fun to try.

"No worries mon', this is a secure and safe resort." We discovered this was the security gate. hhmmm.....

I tried to get my friend Tammy to drape herself across this tree so I could print it for her husband....she said no. Whatever. Ha! I think this needs to be printed out and hung in my house.

If you have ever watched Survivor you know the men always sit around in the water plotting their next move....I always thought our husbands looked like they were having these intense conversations like on Survivor. They probably weren't even talking. ;)

After all day in the sun......Next day? My birthday! Well, it's not really an event. Unless you ask Dan. He would tell you I might make the whole week about my birthday but don't believe him. Wink. Wink.

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BC said...

Happy Birthday - didn't even know -sorry!! But ahhh what a vacation! Love all the pics.