Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Wednesday........

This past weekend we had the honor of attending Ray Leenstras funeral. I say the honor because if you ever met Ray you know what a treat it was to get to talk to him. To see inside his heart for even a second was something that left you encouraged. Funerals are funny things ya know? I mean not literally of course. It's just that there is no doubt Ray knew where he was going and who he was going to spend eternity with. So as I was getting dressed for the service I kept thinking that I didn't really want to wear black. I wanted to wear bright orange or yellow cause it reminded me of Ray's personality. I didn't want to feel the sadness and tears that threatened to overtake me I wanted to dance and sing and shout,"HE'S ALL BETTER! HE'S WHOLE! HE'S SITTING AT THE FEET OF HIS LORD!" I'm not in any way down playing the sadness of his family and frankly I was afraid to even write about it because I didn't want to hurt anyone, particularly his daughter whom I have come to know and dearly love over the past few years. It's just so crazy being left here when someone we know and care about goes home right? In some ways I am jealous that he gets to be pain free, stress free, worry free, trouble free, sin free. And yet we are stuck here on this stinky planet suffering because we are selfish people stuck in our own muck most of the time. Sometimes when I get outside of my own head I can see clearly and the thing I saw most clearly at the memorial service is that I want to finish the race loving people and loving the Lord. This was the first memorial service I have ever been to where I wish I had brought my bible and journal. I just wanted to be in the word, on my knees. So beyond blessed by the reminder that God is a Holy God, a loving God, a good faithful to his word God. I will cling to that like a life preserver until he returns.
This just goes to show you CAN look good while taking a math test. :)

I swear those freckles get me every time......

Find of the week; we needed a new couch so badly but I just could not bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new sectional. I started searching Craigs list a few weeks ago and TA-DA! Practically brand new, sitting in someones extra living room $300! Sweeeeeetttt!!! Now I am on the hunt for a new chair for that room as the kids and dogs have destroyed our leather recliner.

Treat for the week; I have a friend who needed a LOVE BOOST so I made her home made coffee ice cream. It's base is dairy free cause I used coconut milk. It turned out soooo good. I buy these little ice cream containers on ETSY, glued a shrunk down version of the recipe to the front, little bow and there you have it.

Now if your reading this thinking that you sure could use a love boost this week too just comment and tell me your favorite flavor of ice cream and if your really good it might just show up at your house all home made and pretty like the above love boost.

Steal of the week; I have been looking for a BIG sign for an empty spot where I used to have a clock and I wanted it to be on wood. $24.00 Ross. Cha-Ching!

Mothers Day was an all weekend event. My sweet husband and  my girls took me to PF Changs (favorite spot) for dinner Friday night and then over to pick out a charm to add to my charm bracelet. I picked a little silver light house because it reminded me of climbing the light house with them on our vacation. Then Sunday we made lunches and headed to the park for some sun and relaxation....

We are so much alike that we either are about to kill each other or we are getting in trouble together.....

My mom spent the day with us as did my aunt.....Just FYI this daughter likes her picture taken...

This one? Not so much.....ha! But I don't care and snap away....ya' I'm a cool mom like that.

The thing they have in common is they LOVE their daddy. :) Happy late mothers day to all you mamas out there. Be blessed
Next post: How I'm flawed and what I'm doing about it. (This is not to be missed)


Jessica said...

Okay, so by the way, that Sting Ray at the top of your blog is crazy!!!! I had no idea they were sooooo huge!!!!!

Ray's memorial was oh so sweet and really really good. I have a hard hard time at those though, I cry way more than is normal because I know what that family is going through, and it's not easy :( For some reason I get stuck at how hard it is for them, and how tough these next few years will be and I forget to rejoice in the good stuff. It's hard stuff. Thank goodness that death is victory for believers.... it's only those left behind that are sad, the believer is partying it up with no pain, no sorrow, and only basking in the glory of the Lord.

Erica Young said...

Um, my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream :) but if you ship it cross country it might melt! haha. Happy Mother's Day!

Andrea said...

Been trying to make that ice cream for awhile and have failed each time! WOULD LOVE a boost!!! ;)
BTW well said about Rays memorial! Love that man such a great leader of our school and follower of Christ