Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, May 3, 2013

Grand Cayman...

Our second stop in the Caribbean was Grand Cayman. A few fun facts; Grand Cayman is made up of three islands with Grand Cayman being the biggest at 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. It is British territory and has over 449 banks! Guess we know where people are hiding their overseas money huh?

By law most all businesses are closed on Sunday and they drive on the right hand side of the car, left side of the road. That was fun for the first time. :) It was beautiful and the people were super nice.

You are not allowed to dock in Grand Cayman so you go to the first floor of the ship, slip out a little side door on the side of the ship and onto a rocking tender boat. An adventure all in itself.

Pulling away from our temporary home....

We took a chartered boat out to sting ray city. It was about a 30 minute ride out to the middle of the ocean. Can you see all those stingray's in the water? They came from all over. If I had not seen it myself I would not have believed it. The water was like clear as clear can be and WARM! They backed the boats in and you jumped into water about 3-4' deep. They had raw squid you could hand feed the stingrays which I most graciously passed on. Ha!

Morgan made friends with the captain who in turn taught her how to drive a boat......

He then let her drive the whole way back! She was on cloud nine!

I guess in my mind I had these things pictured oh I don't know SMALLER! Not freakin' 4-5' wide. These are wild animals people not Sea World pets.

"Oh just kiss it!" they said......I tried really I did. But my lips just curled in every time. The look on my husbands face frightens me.


I like the view from back here better. Morgan loved these things. She was swimming with them, feeding them and told me on the way back that she most definitely wants to go into Oceanography now. :)

OK look, we are a large group of 8 and look how wide that dude is! Notice I'm all smiles in the back. When everyone moved and it went to swim off I walked on water the other direction. Eeeeekkkk!!!!

At the end of the day Dan was swimming over a shallow reef and fell on a sea urchant. Now here's the thing; he was so calm and collect. But let me tell you the needles went all the way through. Like in one side and hanging out the other side. Like someone stuck him with needles. Bright red needles! I did not take a picture of the injury  when it first happened. The needles, the blood...I felt woozy. Lucky for me I was with a nurse, a retired nurse and firefighter and two kids who have no sense to be grossed out. They took him to a medical tent where they proceeded to remove as many as possible. Some broke off in his fingers during the removal so he is still picking out needles. Ugh! They gave him Motrin and a "good luck son!" before we headed back to the ship.

One of the boat guides dove down and brought these up for the girls. They said,"Oh sure, try and get them through customs, you might make it." We made it. They look beautiful in my house. Love it! Gotta travel with kids who make friends, they get everything!

Good night Grand Cayman. Thanks for the memories! We love you! Sea urchants? Not so much.

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BC said...

Ok, I just have to tell you I almost can't stand reading it - it is all just too awesome and wow you can see God in all the details. So fun and I am so happy you are my friend and I get to live vicariously! LOL